The Corner Cobbler Shoe Shoppe is a shoe shop in Serenia Towne owned by Sonny Cincinatus and his wife.


The Corner Cobble is a prominent shop in Serenia specializing in fine hand-crafted footwear. Its proprietor, Sonny Cincinatus uses only the finest leathers, and spends weeks making sure that each pair of shoes or boots he crafts fits perfectly and meets his high standard of quality. As a result, he and his wife were among the less prosperous merchants in town, most potential customers preferring less of a wait for their merchandise.

Graham was given a fine pair of shoes with golden buckles by the elves of the Dark Forest. Since they were too small for Graham's feet, he gave them to the poor couple at the shoe store. He received Sonny's cobbler's hammer in return. At the time, the shoemaker and his wife declared they would retire on the money they'd get for selling the elven shoes, but later changed their minds. There business is still meager, but it does provide them with a substantial tax write-off.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ5 this shop is known as the Shoe Shoppe on its sign, the King's Quest Companion also gives it the name, 'Corner Cobbler'.

Trivia Edit

They claim to be doing poorly despite having no shoes for sale, which would actually be the mark of a booming business.


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