Cook is the royal chef for Castle of the Crown. He is a minor character encountered inside the kitchen of the castle during the 'short path' of the game.


He had about driven himself mad, over the wedding preparations for Abdul Alhazred and Cassima's wedding.[1] He was upset that the serving girls had not shown up to clean up the kitchen and castle in preparation for his feast. He is busy yelling instructions to the kitchen staff of the wedding, including the waiter.[2]

He was busy in the castle Kitchen, and was not serving lunch to visitors as he was too busy catering the wedding, and would kick anyone out who was not part of the kitchen staff.[3] He had prepared quite a celebration, where wine would have flowed like a river of red.

Behind the scenesEdit

The 'Cook' is mentioned by both Sergeant Gruff and alluded to by the narrator. He is not seen, but says a single line if Alexander enters the Kitchen during KQ6.


  1. Sergeant Gruff (KQ6): "Cook has about driven himself mad, I hear, worrying over the wedding preparations."
  2. Narrator (KQ6):"From the open door comes the clatter of pots and pans, yelled instructions, and other busy kitchen noises."
  3. Cook (KQ6): "No lunch is being served today! We're busy catering the wedding!
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