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Connor is a tanner, artist and knight who lives in the town of Daventry, in a small community outside the city center. Despite his humble class, he is brave and noble. Connor's first girlfriend is Sarah Burke, and he was the future suitor of Rosella.


Not much is known of Connor's past except that he was a tanner of his community and traded with nearby hunters. He was the local peasant knight, and guardian of his village[1][2]. He spent a lot of his time training his combat abilities when he wasn't busy with his tanner work.

He was also so the local artist, and kept everything he needed to paint in his house. He is known to have an interest in the Widow Burke's daughter Sarah. He is friends with several individuals in his village including Joseph whom he has worked and toiled side by side with on occasion. He apparently spent much of his free time painting, and at Julia's Tavern drinking, she was always there for him when he had his troubles.

In the kingdom of Daventry, Connor and the other inhabitants enjoyed peace and prosperity under the majestic King Graham. But one day, the kingdom's serenity turned to disorder. An evil being, Lucreto, took up quarters in the sacred sanctity of the Mask of Eternity, and summoned a dark spell causing the mask to explode into pieces that fell to the world below. Meanwhile, the young townsperson named Connor was about to become the most important person in the world's history. As he talked to his friend Sarah, the Mask of Eternity rained down on the land, one piece landed at Connor's feet. Just as he picked it up, the supernatural spell reached the ground. In a flash, every inhabitant of the beloved kingdom had turned to stone. That is, every inhabitant but one. With the sacred mask piece in hand, Connor was somehow protected from the consequences of the omen.[3]

The Mask had chosen him to be the One, the Champion Eternal, the Chosen One, the Deliverer, the Enlightened One, and the True Upholder. Traveling through many realms, he managed to reach the Realm of the Sun and reunite the pieces, returning life to Daventry.

Connor was the Deliverer of the Dimension of Death, by balancing the Scales of Justice freeing Lord Azriel from his imprisonment, and healing the Sacred Heart, stopping the bloodletting.

Connor’s final destination was the Realm of the Sun where he met his ultimate destiny, banishing Lucreto into the Black Abyss. The platform with the mask rose to the top of the temple, and Connor knelt before it, as the mask activated unleashing magic across the world restoring sunlight, and life to those turned to stone, and finally life back to the plant life in Daventry, and Realm of the Sun.

Connor was last seen amongst the Archons in the Realm of the Sun. But it is said that he would return to Daventry, but that he would never perish. Thus he apparently gained immortality from his quest after obtaining the Chalice of Order, or at least the prophecy assured he would not perish on his quest.[4][5]

Return to Daventry[]

Upon Connor's return to Daventry, King Graham (now very eldery), was very grateful to the local knight, Connor, for saving the Kingdom of Daventry from the evil Archarchon, Lucreto, and restoring the Mask of Eternity to its salubrious, protective powers. So grateful, in fact, that he had given Connor the title of Marquis of Daventry, with the responsibility of securing the kingdom’s borders from any outside attacks or evil intentions. [6]

Rosella enlists the aid of Connor, the new Marquis of Daventry, and of her brother, Alexander – now the King of the Land of the Green Isles – to help ‘rescue’ King Graham and Queen Valanice from Rasputris’s evil clutches.. Rasputris is a 'healer' who had made himself so important in the Daventry court that his powerful influence is now corrupting Daventry -- from the inside! Rosella has become very concerned about her parents and their sudden dependence on this itinerant drifter and she tries to evict him from the kingdom, but to no avail. It’s obvious that they are both heavily influenced by Rasputris and, indeed, are overwhelmed by him. What has he done to them?

But during their endeavors, they find that Rasputris is more than he seems – a dirty, unkempt wanderer with bright, hypnotic eyes. In reality he was an accomplice of Lucreto. Unfortunately, he had been accidentally blasted out of the Realm of the Sun when the Mask of Eternity was restored and is now in the process of taking over Daventry ‘from the inside’ in retaliation for Connor having defeated Lucreto and his evil plans. It will not be an easy task to root this powerful character out from Daventry!

Following this adventure, there were rumors that Rosella and Connor became interested in each other after they met for the first time, after his return to Daventry, their relationship coming between Edgar. During their previous adventure an affection developed between Rosella and Connor. And of poor Edgar, a struggle commensed between him and Connor. But that is another adventure to be told![7][8] Ultimately, it is not known if he ended up with Rosella or Sarah.

Personality and traits[]

He is a noble soul, and although he sprang not from noble stock, he had a clear resolve and his challenge was clear.[9] He had a strong sense of justice, honor and duty and other chivalrous virtues. He is selfless and willingly puts his own life in mortal danger in order to restore Daventry and its people, and his king[10], and help others in need as he encountered them. His motivation was to destroy or banish evil in all of its forms to restore order to the world. He has a good heart and is kind and compassionate towards the good of the world.

He is charitable, and willingly gives alms to his local church for the poor.[11]

He had a sense of melancholy and remorse (it was almost more than he could bear[12]) and was sickened by seeing his friends and neighbors turned to stone[13], but knew he was the only one who could save them, and he made that his only focus.

Connor was chosen by fate and destiny to save the world many aeons before his birth. It was a path he could not deviate from.

Connor is inquisitive soul, willing to learn, and solve mysteries[14]. He is also alert to danger around him.[15]

He is filled with strength, courage and righteousness, and bears the fruits of his good deeds.[16]

He has a strong sense of direction, even in maze-like environments.[17]

Connor is physically fit, much like Graham was in his youth. His arms are strong and he has powerful fists. He has been training for years, and he is an expert in many different weapon styles from daggers, swords, clubs, axes and spears. He is not afraid to use his abilities and will kill monsters in self defense.

He trains to be one of the rustic knights of the kingdom like Sir Graham before him (he also wears the short tunic, pants, and high boots of the Rangers). He owns a hay target and a target-dummy which he used to train his fighting skills in case the village was ever attacked.

The detail that Sarah is Connor’s girlfriend is only mentioned in previews and the Talkspot Interviews.


Behind the scenes[]

According to Roberta much of Connor's story is based on Arthurian legend, and even Tolkien. That Connor's journey is the journey of Arthur's search for the Holy Grail (Mask of Eternity/Chalice of Order)... He is similar to archetypal characters from Arthurian and medieval romance known as the "Knight-errant" who represent the highest virtues of chivalry, honor, and purity (without sin); examples being Sir Perceval, Sir Bors and Galahad (Galahad being the only one who was predestined/chosen to obtain the Grail) of the Round Table in some versions of the story, where as Arthur and Lancelot had been corrupted by their affairs). From a Tolkien perspective, he may be similar to the role of Aragorn, though not likely to rise up as a king.

The significance of Connor's profession of Tanner, may be a nod back to Simon the Tanner in the bible. In Jewish tradition tanners were looked down upon as being one of the lowest of the low. Because tanners dealt with dead things they were ceremonially contaminated. Much like how gentiles were looked down upon as lowly and contaminating, so was the tanner. Peter in the bible stayed with Simon on three occasions in the bible, to spread the gospel to the gentiles. This was highly symbolic that even the lowest of the low could find a high place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Likewise, Connor begins as a lowly peasant and tanner (at the most a rustic knight in training, see ranger). But his is a story of virtue, where one of low birth, can obtain nobility through good deeds, and become a valued member of the kingdom. During his journey Connor goes from peasant to knight (essentially of Paladin of ideals). Note: Connor is acknowledged as a knight early on by a fellow knight, James of Daventry. According to manual of King's Quest 4, knights rise from lowly peasants, so the idea is not new to King's Quest lore. Even in the three spin-off novels its implied that Graham may have risen from a lesser birth, and rose to knighthoood (though the companion suggests he is at least the son of a 'nobleman', at least a minor house, or recently 'entitled' family, see noble).

According to early concept material, the character was initially going to be an unnamed marble statue who came to life by the cataclysm[1], as the story was further developed, he was given the name Brendan. At some point he was to be the son of a widowed mother and a deceased fisherman (which she noted was common to these type of stories)[42], and he was given the name Connor mac Lyrr[43] (a name based on a Celtic sea god and his children). In one prototype story, he was said to be the twenty-year old son of a poor fisherman. He was said to be born on the same day the Mask of Eternity was shattered. As the story was refined for the released version of the game, his connection as a fisherman was dropped and he came to be known simply as 'Connor of Daventry', or Connor, in order to shorten his name. His past was changed to him being a tanner in Daventry.

According to Roberta Williams;

The only character from previous King's Quests will be a couple of cameo appearances by King Graham. I felt that it was time to feature a new character to the saga of King's Quest as long as we were updating the whole look and feel of the series. And--who knows? Perhaps in some future King's Quest game, Connor will at least meet Rosella! Don't worry, though. Connor is a very interesting character in his own right, and I'm sure he will win over many of the traditional King's Quest hearts.
"What if Connor met Rosella? That would be good... We got that problem with Edgar... Love triangles are always interesting." Roberta Williams -Mask of Eternity Talkspot Interview, Part 1.

The idea that Rosella might start dating Connor (then "Brendan"?) appears to very early idea as early as 1995.

"As far as King Graham, Alexander, Valanice, and Rosella are concerned -- they ARE in the game, but they are the poor victims of the evil sorcerer's spell. YOU -- as a "former" statue-turned-alive-knight -- are the main character of King's Quest 8. You can save the royal family from the evil spell they've been placed under. You -- as the knight -- can save them and then get the chance to become a "real man" in the end (a la Pinocchio). Princess Rosella might be SO grateful that he saved her and her family that...who knows?-1995 interview

Alternatively the "though shalt not parish prophecy" could be pointing out that his quest would be successful and that he wouldn't die on the quest, and would be able to return back to Daventry.

The existence of Connor, or rather adventures in the kingdom, and for his kingdom, unrelated to King Graham or his direct children seems to be foreshadowed in the KQ1SCI universe: “...And whenever King Graham looked into his magic mirror, he saw visions of adventures yet to come...for him, for his children, and for Daventry, the land he loved.”

Connor (unofficial)[]

Connor has appeared in various fan fiction including games, see Connor (unofficial).


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