A Condor is a massive flying bird, large enough to carry a grown man some distance away. Graham hitched a ride on one of these to cross the River Fools over to the hidden entrance of the Leprachaun King's hall in order to obtain the Magic Shield.


In order to reach the entrance to the land of the leprechauns, Graham had to get onto an island in the River Fools. A condor swooped around him, beckoning, and when Graham jumped into the air, the bird grabbed him in its claws and flew him to the place. The condor is a large, vulture-like bird distinct from the eagle. Nonetheless, many people confuse the creatures.

King Graham has said in Daventry that he is quite clear on the difference between the two birds. It was an eagle that saved his life in Serenia by rescuing him from the nest of a giant Roc. Other than that, he's a little hazy on detail.[1]

When King Graham and Valanice were married, word of the royal wedding was immediately dispatched across the realm of Daventry, carried in the claws of a condor that winged from town to town with the proclamation.[2]

Condors are birds from California.[3]


Behind the scenesEdit

This is one of the anachronistic references that appear in a generally European-style medieval nation, including references to hummingbirds, and bald eagles, among many other things that are from the Americas in origin.

The condor carrying Graham is actually inspired by similar stories of Roc's carrying Sinbad[4], or possibly even giant eagles of Tolkien.


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