Compassion is one of the three great virtues which Graham modeled his life on.


Compassion is also associated with 'kindness' and 'love'. Hugs are a big part of compassion path.

The Feys more or less represent the compassion path throughout the series.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is one of the scoring systems in the upcoming episodic King's Quest game, along with bravery, and wisdom. It has influences on Graham's life, and his stories from these choices will influence Gwendolyn's own decisions in her own delimmas. In each major choice that occurs during the stories told in the game, Graham will have three solutions to solve it, and each embodies one of the three virtues.

Compassion was one of many virtues classic Graham from the original series was described as in the original games canon. In particular its used to describe some of Graham's actions in KQ5[1], as is kindness. However, classic graham can be seen as a composite of all the virtues, plus several more.


  1. You have shown yourself to be a kind, compassionate man and I will not forget what you did for me, Since the girl seems so frightened, Graham compassionately decides to leave her alone for now.
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