Colin Farwalker in life was known as a legendary adventurer, who became a desert wraith.


Farwalker's travels brought him in the Realm of Eldritch but he lost his life in the endless desert after Malicia sealed the exit. He was equipped with a rope, a Bug Reducing Powder and a Hunting Horn but he could not save himself from thirst. Even after his death his wraith wandered in torment, cursed to suffer an endless thirst.

After being pulled through a portal to the realm, Queen Valanice found Colin's spirit in the desert. Colin explained his torment to her and warned Valanice away, afraid of what he would do to her in his torment. Though Colin walked away, Valanice followed him and offered Colin a clay bowl of fresh water. His thirst quenched, Colin's curse was broken and he informed Valanice of the exit from the desert, but didn't know how to reopen it. Colin led Valanice to his bones and offered her some of his possessions before finally moving on.

His bones remain bleaching in the desert sands.


  • The Spirit
  • The Desert Spirit
  • Spirit Body

Behind the scenesEdit

In the King's Quest Companion, he isn't specifically referred to as 'human', but Valanice does seem to focus on him being 'man'. Man is often another term for 'human' in the lore. Man does not always indicate 'gender', when it does usually 'male' is used. He is actually one of the only examples of mortal humans found in the Realm of Eldritch, other than possibly undead inhabitants of Ooga Booga that may have been former humans.

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