Chicken Soup is a popular soup made from chicken and is often served to those who are sick.


It is the universal cure for many minor to moderate maladies, its near-magical properties are known and revered by almost all folk. Brewed from chickens—whole or in parts—onions, carrots, celery, garlic, herbs, some salt, pepper, and perhaps a potato, turnip, or rutabaga, it gains much magic from long, slow simmering. A couple of whole cloves is the secret ingredient in one version of the magic soup.[1]

Graham found a pot of hot, bubbling chicken soup in the Dwarf Tree, and he fed the soup to Grandma to help cure her cold. In thanks for his kindness she allowed him to look under her bed, for the Ruby Ring, and Black Cloak.

The poor chicken, Gertrude was made into a type of chicken soup, a stew by the evil wizard, Manannan.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

This item is also known as the "Pot of chicken soup", in the KQ2 Hintbook.

This item can be offered to the lion, but it is not enough to nourish him.[3]


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