A charm is a form of magic and one of the basic of spells (often represented by a physical object).


Charms are some of the simplest spells. It is continued practice and use of the arcane arts that the people are able to preserve and protect their very being. From the simplest charms and trivial spells, such as plucking of a four-leafed clover or knocking on wood, to the use of greater forms of magic, magic is a part of the fabric of reality[1]

It is often the kind that princesses are innately born with, some being able to charm birds from the sky. However some witches are able to charm others as well. The witch Dahlia in the guise of Princess charmed King Edward into marrying her.

It is written in parts of Daventry people are known to charm snakes, causing the reptiles to go into brief trances induced by the rhythm of music.[2] It is said that in some parts the Other World, fakirs can charm the king cobra and make it do the fakir's bidding, merely by playing a mystical tune for it on a flute. This may be true; however, it is said by more skeptical scientists who claim to have studied the phenomenon that the snake is just following the swaying motion of the person playing the music and not the music itself. The cobras in the world of Daventry don't seem to have heard of this pronouncement.[3] There are those in world of Daventry who also use the music of the flute to charm cobras.[4]

The Magicians' Academy offers a course entitled Talismans and Charms. Charms are a physical objects that have been charmed or enchanted, and can be used to charm others or give good luck.

Charming a Creature of the Night Spell is a spell which allowed Alexander to charm the Night Mare.

One who charms or uses charms is known as a charmer. One type of charmer is a snake charmer or fakir.


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