Chaos is the opposing force to Order (and Balance). Thus it more in alignment with the Dark and Evil.

Background Edit

Chaos is often held back by the Kings of Daventry, and its feared that if they die or are defeated it would bring about utter chaos in the land.

When Chaos reigns, the vile evil spirits who rule the elements are free to cause mayhem o'er the land. Mortals find themselves trapped within rocks and stones.

Chaos and Conflagration is one of the most powerful and destructive spells in the spells of Iconomancy. It unleashes terrible Chaos and fires.

When the universe was younger and humanity less proud, giants did roam the earth and magic kept the forces of chaos and darkness at bay.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

In Greek mythology Chaos was a primordial spirit the first thing to exist, out of nothingness. Depending on the myth it was the parent of Mother Earth (Gaia).

Even in Christian tradition the idea of chaos was the first thing to appear in creation, before God brought order to the universe.[2]

In KQ8 its possibly a little bit of both a state of being, as well as potentially a 'living force' of its own possibly tied to Lucreto, or Lucreto released it. The elemental spirits appear to rule under chaos.


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