Champions are the greatest of warriors, knights, soldiers or spellcasters who fight for a cause.


Champions fight for whatever cause (Good or Evil), stepping in to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

There have been several Champions throughout Daventry's history. One of its famous Champions is Sir James of Daventry.

Connor is the Eternal Champion, the Champion of Champions, the Champion of Light, and the Champion of Righteousness.

Some like Alexander do not wish to simply champion others, but help them stick up for themselves.

Behind the scenesEdit

The King's Quest saga is the continuing story of the ruling family of the Kingdom of Daventry. It follows King Graham's rise to the throne, the rescue of his queen, Valanice, and the heroic quests of their twin children. Princess Rosella and Prince Alexander. This courageous family plays a pivotal role in the struggle between Good and Evil in Daventry. In King's Quest V, they finally seemed to have vanquished their nemesis, the family of the dark wizard Manannan, the champions of Evil.[5]


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