Cattle (cow (female) & bull (male)) are a species of bovine beasts. The gypsies in Serenia own cattle and cattle can be seen outside of Serenia Towne.

In a remote land, there are cattle that live in plains. Two men on horseback herd the animals using casting ropes (lasso). They chase the beasts as they run across the plain. With the lasso they are able to catch them and tie them up forcing them to lay on the ground. They swing the rope in the air, throw it, and tie them up on the ground.[1] A picture in Cyclopedia on the topic of herding, showed two men chasing two beasts, while a third was lying on the ground.[2] The men wear dusty trousers and wide-brimmed hats.[3]

In the Ancient Ones language the cow is the animal that represents the letter Y.

Fernando Bullforth is a biped bull, and the Minotaur is also part bull.

Beef stew is a popular dish in Daventry.

Behind the scenesEdit

The reference in SNW, is to cowboys roping steers or buffalo, much like those that once herded cattle across the Great Plains of North America during the wild west.

The symbol for Taurus (the Bull, or Bull of Heaven) appears throughout KQ8.


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