Characters that appear or are mentioned in more than one chapter of the King's Quest games. Abdul Alhazred for example is mentioned in KQ5, and appears in KQ6. Manannan appears in KQ3, and again in KQ5. Rumplestiltskin appears in three games.

Hagatha appears in KQ2 (and mentioned off hand in KQ5), but is expanded upon in The King's Quest Companion, and King's Questions (including details related to KQ5). But since most characters are referenced in the Companion this category tries to ignore those kind of reoccurances, except where exceptional (tied multiple chapters, and expanded events past the games they appear in, if it within the context of the games themselves).

There are a few such as 'Ceres/Mother Nature' that were mentioned in an earlier game to appear in the series later. Mother Nature being referenced in KQ3, and appear in KQ7. If Mother Earth mentioned in KQ6 manual is the same character that would make a third reference in the games.

Notice, this doesn't count characters that appear or are mentioned in both in the original canon and the new series canon. But rather those who appear over multiple sources in one or the other canon.

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