The games, manuals, hintbooks and other spin-off material published during Sierra's original existence (between 1980-1998). For more information see Canon.

Note: Not all of these materials are necessarily 'canon' for example the obvious Leisure Suit Larry crossover stuff from Bedside Companion and Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry.  But categorized here due to their connection to the original Sierra King's Quest run (in particular relation to KQ4). Same goes for material such as Rosella's First Quest and Bookwyrm interview of Sierra characters that exist in a crossed Sierraverse setting may seem out of character or anachronostic as well (as do similar plugs and easter eggs from other Sierra games and even within King's Quest games themselves).

But in general stuff from Hoyle 1 which is generally more in-universe is treated as an official source of backstory and lore for Graham and Rosella, though the crossover aspect of the source might feel out of place.

At least in the case of Peter Spear's work may leave open for cross linked Sierra multiverse as he not only refers to the 'multiverse' in both King's Quest and Larry's Bedside Companion, but also more or less treats Rosella as being Rosella herself, and not just an easter egg. All three of his book series are tied together with the conceit that each IP's universes are 'real', and that he has had contact with or gained access to various characters from each universe. Has spoken to Larry personally (and learned about his cross over the multiverse first hand), he and others received emails from Derek Karlavaegen, and journals from the future from Roger Wilco himself. So while they each may not directly plug the books in the series within the narratives (other than on About the Authors and Back Cover pages, and possible references to crossover easter eggs from the games themselves), they at least belong to the overall canon of the Spearverse series.

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