The cataclysm was caused by the shattering of the Mask of Eternity by the evil Archon, Lucreto.


When it struck, the Sun vanished, and the vile tempests, a magic of Darkness hit across Daventry and the surrounding lands.

Mortals found themselves trapped in rocks and stones. Trees lost their leaves. It also damaged buildings and blocked the exits from the kingdom of Daventry, and allowed Chaos to reign, monsters to invade and vile spirits who ruled the elements were free to cause mayhem over the land. At the same time it caused additional troubles in other surrounding lands; the Dimension of Death, The Swamp, Underground Realm of the Gnomes, Barren Region, Frozen Reaches, Paradise Lost, and the Temple of the Sun.

It is unclear to what degree the cataclysm affected the world. Only the effects on Daventry and the surrounding land are seen, but it is suggested that the trouble affected the entire world. In fact, much of the world appears to have disappeared leaving only a small flat disk centered on the continent of Daventry, both water and lava flow off the edge of the world. It is explained that the Frozen Reaches lie to the northern edge of the world, and naught lies beyond.

Behind the scenesEdit

The idea of mortals being turned to stone could have a variety of influences both in myth and fantasy, so the specific source of inspiration is not clear.

In Biblical lore Lot's wife was turned into a piller of salt upon looking back at the city of Jericho. In Greek legends to look upon a gorgon could cause petrification of the individual. In the Narnia novels the White Queen Jadis frozen her victims into statues. In the movie Return to Oz, the citizens of the Emerald City were turned to stone. Other myths from around the world say that standing stones, certain boulders, or even some mountains are individuals turned to stone by various means, sometimes curses. In some legends Trolls are said to turn to stone when exposed to the sun.

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