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The Castle Treasurer cares for Daventry's Royal treasury.[1]


He had discovered the treasury door standing open, with the King's own key in the lock. The Princess Dahlia had been inside, holding a small Chest of gold.

The treasurer stood frozen to the spot. The Princess' bright laughter changed to a witch's cackle as her form grew old and withered. She grasped the Chest and mounted her broom to fly out the open window. The treasurer watched in dismay as she swooped up through the clouds and disappeared.

Much later, the Royal treasurer approached the King with the alarming news.

In later times the Castle Treasurer is concerned with maintaining the gold and silver of the treasury, and preventing its misuse. Something the treasurer and Seneschal Oswold agree upon. 


  • Royal treasurer
  • Castle Treasurer

Behind the scenes[]

Technically it is not known if the Royal treasurer of Edward's time, and the one of Graham's time are the same person. It may be two different individuals. However it is an important position in castle life.


  1. Rosella (Hoyle I):"I never concern myself with gold and silver, Colonel. 'Tis the occupation of the Castle Treasurer, not a Princess of Daventry."