The Castle Guard (aka The Guard )is an organization which guards the Castle Daventry in the Realm of Daventry.


A member of the Castle Guard greeted Sir Graham, who calls him Sir Knight, announcing to him that the King was expecting him. He then escorted him to King Edward in his throne room. He ordered the portcullis raised. Inside the throne room he stood at attention and waited respectfully, as Graham climbed the dais, and kneeled before the king. After Graham was done speaking to the king, the guard escorted Graham back outside. Throughout the game, he and his fellow guard protect the castle and prevent Graham from returning. They are taught not to converse with anyone, and remain silent. When Graham returns to the castle, both guards are suspiciously absent, and finds the portcullis opened... For the guards had apparently ran inside to assist the ailing king.

They protect the King's castle. The stone-faced guards are trained not to converse with anybody, and ignore visitors unless specifically ordered by the king to do so. Although this rule appears to have been some what loosened by the time Graham rose to the throne. The guards are well provided-for by the King.


Their uniforms appear to change over the years. There are two main uniforms seen those during Edward's time, and those worn by guards during the cataclysm late in Graham's life.

The uniforms in later years include heavier armor, helmets. Soldiers carry shields. Both the helmet and the chest plate is marked with a 'circle' (an 'O' or '0'), and the shield has an infinity symbol.

Not all of Daventry's knights wear these uniforms, and most knights wear individualized armor. Though some wear the uniform of the Rangers (another of Daventry's defensive organizations).

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Behind the scenesEdit

The knight in KQ1SCI is listed as "CASTLE GUARD" on his narrative messages. He is the only guard that has a speaking part in the game. Graham calls him Sir Knight also indicating that he is a knight, and more than a simple guard.

In the new series this organization is replaced by the Royal Guard (aka Royal Knights) which wear a different uniform.

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Castle Guard (unofficial).

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