Castle Daventry is the home of King Graham and his family, and the administrative center of the Kingdom of Daventry. It is also known as Daventry Castle[1][2], the Royal Palace[3] and in a few cases simply, Daventry[4].


Castle Daventry is the main castle in Daventry, though there are others still in use, or in ruins; including the Royal Summer Palace, and the Castlekeep Ruins.

The castle located in the middle of the kingdom of Daventry near the eastern Great Mountains, originally south of Lake Maylie. Built on a prominence (large hill or small mountain), overlooking the town of Daventry, it was built (or perhaps renovated) by King Edward the Benevolent as a gift to his bride, Queen Maylie.[5] Previous to that time, he was apparently ruling from one of Daventry's other castles perhaps the Castlekeep of Daventry or the Royal Summer Palace.

Although the new castle was apparently rebuilt in the same location of a previous Castle Daventry as the moat predates King Edward's reign back to the earliest period of the kingdom some thousands of years ago (and some of the royal apartments in the central keep also date back to a time when the family was much larger).[6] Edward also lived in the previous castle as a young prince and some of the trees to the west of the moat date back to that time, and were just as tall then as they were towards the end of Edward's reign.[7] It is unclear if that older castle in that spot, predates the old Castlekeep Ruins or if the old castlekeep was built in a period between both castles (or if the ruins ruins predated both).

The current castle was also once known as King Edward's Castle[8] Edward later passed the castle to his favorite knight, Sir Graham due to having no blood heir. The castle was again refurbished after it was it was returned from Mordack's Island.[9]

The Royal Family is welcoming of those who come to visit to the kingdom, and there is always room in the castle for visitors.[10]

Castle Wall and Moat

The castle is protected from potential conquerors by thick stone walls and is surrounded by a deep swampy and dangerous and filthy moat infested by alligators and moat monsters with a taste for human flesh.[11] The moat monsters were huge, fearsome serpents first established in the castle's moat as an additional line of defense by an early king of Daventry. They made crossing the moat, except by way of bridge, an unappealing option.[12] The moat is filled with typical unclean moat water: murky and smelly. The moat's slippery sides prevent anyone with the misfortune of falling in from getting out.

The alligators are usually floating on the surface of the moat, while the monsters lie beneath the water, only coming up occasionally to look around. They had guarded the castle from many a trespasser.

Statues of lions grace the front gate, acting as silent guardians. They were immovable guards for King Edward's castle, and had frightened off numerous intruders.

A few stairs lead up to the castle gate, which is protected by a large metal-clad door and a portcullis (at one time was the only entrance into the King's castle). These doors are strongly built to keep out unwanted visitors.

Beautiful urns and a small garden adorn the front of the castle. Small flowers also grow along the edge of the moat. They were absolutely gorgeous. When King Edward ruled, he did not allow anyone to take his flowers. The castle walls are carpeted with a thick tangle of vine growing out of the urns.

Along the top of the half of the walls, banners and flags wave gently in the wind. On each side of the castle are massive spires and turrets, from which guards can defend the castle. they stretch high into the sky.[13] Behind the castle lies a well-tended vegetable garden (containing carrots). The battlements of the back wall of the castle overlook the vegetable garden.

Gate wardens keep vigil from the watchtower near the gates from a guard window thirty feet up the wall[14]and from the gatehouse[15]. The moat can be crossed either by two bridges that span the moat on the sides (these have included both sturdy stone bridges or very small removable wooden barrel bridges at times), or a drawbridge that lowers from the front gate of the castle.[16]

Access to the top of the castle wall above the moat allowed people to guard and look down from the outer edges of the castle.[17]

Wind rushes through the tops of trees near the castle walls.[18]


The keep, is a tall, strong structure of grey stone, with many small windows, square sides, and a crenelated top.[19]

The castle parapet was the highest point in the castle keep. From it one could see far around the lands of Daventry.[20] A stone wall lined the parapet. Normally Graham and his lady wife Valanice forbid children who lived in the castle from playing in its upper reaches, lest the children fall to their deaths. The parapet offered a view of the clean white stone of the castle and the dark gray slates of the roof glittered in the sun as if inlaid with millions of tiny gems.[21] At the top of the keep the splendid purple-and-gold banners at the keeps four corners flap noisily in the wind.[22]

The keep itself is the location of the Great Hall, which is one of the oldest portions of the castle, and has been used for hundreds of years. The keep holds the living quarters for the Royal Family, ministers and castle staff of the kingdom.[23]

The Keep or at least portions of it is one of the oldest structures in the castle, and may date back to the time of the first kings of Daventry (and may be as old as the moat).  It is at least older than the current castle built by King Edward, though it appears he incorporated portions of it or renovated sections of into his own castle's structure. Although there was a period (for unknown number of years under Edward's and possibly even near the end of his father's reign) when it went into disuse in favor of the smaller old Castlekeep (later known as the Castlekeep Ruins) until Edward finished the new castle for his bride Maylie.

Castle gardens

The castle has several castle gardens.[24]


One is a forested grove with a small garden pond in the center[25], just outside the Castle[26] in the woods[27]. Small hills, boulders, bushes, and dense trees are surround the edge of the pond.[28] The palace garden is not too large, Alexander once brought rains from a Rainmaker spell to the garden (which was the maximum extent of that spell).[29] Perhaps it was Alexander's spell which brought the pond to garden. This garden appears to lie outside of the castle proper, as it seems a forest can be seen in the distance. A path from the garden/woods appears to lead to a steep cliff and waterfall, overlooking a densely forested valley. The garden pool at times contains a magical door, a vortex, which is a magic portal leading to the Realm of Eldritch and the land of Etheria.[30] When the door is open (opened by Edgar, the prince of that land), the garden pool allows travel between the two lands, and has allowed the royal family to visit the other realm, and Edgar to visit Daventry. Valanice often sits by the pond in the garden.[31] As day gives into evening shadows deepen in the garden, and air grows cool. One by one the castle windows seen from the garden are illuminated with the golden glow of candles. The garden illuminated from the glow of the tapers.

There is also the castle lawn within the courtyard.[32]

Valanice's rose garden was inside the castle, it lay around a corner from the staff apartments in a small courtyard.[33] It was one of the most beautiful places in the whole castle--full of blooms of brilliant red and salmon, peach and yellow, white and pink. The heavy perfumes of the flowers permeate the garden. An arched gateway is located at the far end of the garden.[34] A stone path lead near to a stone bench in a far corner of the garden.[35] The location of the rose garden appears to be somewhere near a set of doors to the great hall. Many insects and arachnids made their home in the garden including hairy spiders, lady bugs, dragonflies, and ants.


The King's vegetable garden was planted behind the castle surrounded by an old stone wall, a relatively low, rustic stone fence made of native stone and masonry[36][37] and brick border[38] that runs along the left, right and rear sides of the garden.[39] Mostly carrots grew in the neat, well-tended rows; the largest and best for picking, grew in the carrot patch on the western side of the garden.[40] A patch of pretty flowers were planted near each outer corner of the garden, just for decoration.[41] The battlements of the castle overlooks the garden.[42] This was the original castle garden during Edward's reign, and where Maylie and Edward encountered the evil Sorcerer who tricked the king into giving up the Magic Mirror.[43]

A small garden was maintained along the path between the moat and the main entrance to the castle. It was filled with flowers and other plants. Flowered vines grew from beautiful urns as well, and flowers also grew along the edge of the moat.


During the rebuilding of the kingdom, a grand entrance garden was designed in front of the castle with well maintained lawns. Dirt roads cut through the lawns. A single road leads from the central castle drawbridge before dividing into a circular path surrounding a central hedge circle with a tall pine tree in the center. The roads continue around the hedges and then split into roads heading in two directions. The outer edges of the roads are lined symmetrically with short pines. On each side of that are lines of taller pine trees surrounded by hedges. Which more or less mark the boundaries of the castle's entrance garden.

Little jewel-green lizards make their home in the palace gardens. They never grow very large.[44]



Beyond the front gate is the courtyard of the castle. The area is usually filled with the Ladies and Lords of the castle. A hard flagstone path of marble leads between grass lawns. Servants and artisans often bustled about the courtyard on their individual business.[45]Some bushes or trees are apparently planted around the courtyard, and the sound of dry leaves blowing in the castle courtyard can be heard at certain times of the year.[46]

The Royal Stables are located to one side, as are other outbuildings.[47]The stone courtyard rests just outside the stables.[48] There is also a kennel were wolfhounds are raised. Rosella once accidentally let Valanice's prize wolfhound out one night, and a few weeks later mongrel puppies were born. Valanice had been furious.[49].

The marble path leads from the gate to the main steps of the keep. At the top of the steps are massive doors which lead into the antechamber and foyer.

Stacks of wood were kept in the courtyard in uncut lengths rolled in from delivery wagons. Most of it cut and ended up as cordwood for the winter fires.[50]

Antechamber and foyer

Entrance Hallway

A massive oaken door opens into the antechamber from the landing, at the top of the long staircase outside.[51] The antechamber is a small chamber that holds several guards, guarding the pass to the halls beyond.[52] They may escort visitors to the entrance to the Great Hall.

Beyond it is a long marble red-carpeted halls, lined with empty suits of armor firmly mounted to the walls. This is the armor of one of King Edward's knights from years ago. Supported by brass sconces, partially sheltered by an overhanging lintel, torches set by the massive door, flare and roar.[53] An oil lamp hangs from the ceiling. The light from the oil lamp is rather dim in the dark interior of the castle. The long marble hall has a cold, dreary feeling.

On the other side of the foyer and around the corner is the set of double doors that leads into the great hall of the castle.[54][55] Above the doors is the upper balcony, looking down into the hallway. The castle's main staircase leads down from the balcony into the hall. The stairs are made of gray marble like the rest of the hall.[56]

Great Hall (King's Chamber)

Great Hall


The Great Hall, the King's Chamber[57] is the first of the castle's two throne rooms located on the western side of the castle. It is one of the largest rooms in the castle, overwhelming in size.

It was long the home of royal ceremonies, host to royal dinners, and site of royal traditions dating back hundreds of years.[58] The throne room was built to grand scale, with high ceilings and vast expanses of polished marble flooring. The ceiling soared a hundred feet overhead. It consisted of the impressive ribbed vaults that supported the roof of the great hall. From them hung the banners and colors of Daventry's noble families and the flags and colors of lands friendly to Daventry.[59] Even still, it was a harmonious in design, and conveyed the impression that was almost intimate.[60] A single window looked out into the courtyard of the castle. The window, narrow and composed of numerous small diamond-shaped panes, gave a restricted view of the courtyard.[61] Other narrow windows up near the ceiling allowed light into the palace from the sun.[62]

At the far end of the great hall are the thrones of Daventry. Both thrones were ornamental wooden chairs that were well polished and well worn (and plain). Not a single jewel or trace of gilt marred the stark woodenness of the thrones.[63] Graham's throne was wooden and padded and comfortable to the backside[64] and had carved arms.[65] For ceremonies and formal occasions, a plain wooden chair was set up for the princess Rosella, next to the queen's throne. The chair was in storage the rest of the time.[66] The hall is carpeted in royal red[67] and violet in the aisle. Near Graham's chair is often placed a small table where Graham can rest his famous Adventurer's Cap or he hangs it from a hook on the wall next to his throne. So that his hat is always ready for any adventure he may go on.

Near the entrance to the hall are large tables where citizens and courtiers ate at official dinners, and special holiday or festival feasts.[68] Also near the entrance a balcony looked down upon the great hall from a floor above.[69] Though the tables can be removed to make the hall clear for other functions.[70] Along one side of the room runs the great gallery, built of dark wood oiled to a soft luster and containing three long ranks of benches, padded and upholstered with dark purple velvet. A carved balustrade enclosed the great gallery.[71] It is here where knights and their ladies would sit during important assemblages.[72] Another series of seats runs along the other side of the room. Between the two sets, the nobles and citizens of the kingdom could view daily trials and court proceedings of the Kingdom. At the head of the hall, was a raised marble dais, upon which were set the wooden and padded thrones of Daventry's king and queen, flanked by banners embroidered with the kingdom's venerable crest.[73]KQKoS 24 Though at times only the king's throne was there.[74]. Sometimes a third padded seat was brought into the room known as the Judgment Seat, where judgment would take place after every new moon. To the right of the dais, set into a shallow niche, hung Merlin's Mirror, one of the irreplaceable treasures of Daventry, for it is a magic mirror, with the power to foresee the future and show events occurring in faraway places.[75], A side door leading to the castle living quarters was located on the wall to the left of the thrones.[76]

At times of distress or war, the thrones may be moved away from the wall at the far end of the great hall, and the council table was set up. It was a small brightly polished table surrounded by mahogany chairs. It is roughly circular, having been cut from the trunk of a single tree. The tree rings show through the polish and candle wax on the table's surface. The table was where the King's inner council sat when they needed to meet. During times of war it was used for war councils.[77] They may also meet in the council chambers. The Council sessions could also take place in the Great Hall, with Graham and Valanice conducting it from their thrones.[78]

The word's of Graham's father were woven into a frayed tapestry that hung upon the wall of the Great Hall wherein King Graham and Queen Valanice sat in judgement at such times as their royal duties required.[79]

Minstrels often entertained in the court of Daventry.[80]

Throne Room

The Throne Room

Alexander, Cassima, Graham, Valanice, and Rosella

The second is the drafty, smaller Throne Room. In the room are are pillars built into the walls of the room, and four pillars hold up the ceiling in the middle. A series of five small arched windows lie high on the walls on both sides, allowing light to stream in. Several chandeliers hang from the ceiling offering further light for the room. A hallway off to the left side of the room leads back to the castles Dining Hall. Two large grand doors lead to other part of the castle. They are guarded by two of the Castle's guards.[81] To the back of the room against of the wall, is the dais where the official throne (or at times the king and queen's thrones) are kept.

The Throne Room, is the room which often housed the official throne, the throne that King Edward once used in the Great Hall, it was made of solid gold, and stone inlaid with gold and gems (mainly rubies), and is used mainly for coronation ceremonies.[82] Occasionally the throne would be moved into the Great Hall replacing the king and queen's thrones at various occasions.[83] When the room was use, on certain occasions, the king and queen's simple red padded high backed wooden thrones are moved to the room and put on the dais.

Assorted bright tapestries decorated the place behind the the thrones. At times this has included a large tapestry emblazoned with a picture of the castle, with the king riding on a unicorn in front of it.[84] In other occasions it bore a smaller tapestry with the emblem of Daventry's coat of arms.[85]

The room was often used on occasions when more intimate setting was needed for guests. Such as when Alexander and Cassima came to visit the castle from the Land of the Green Isles. When the room is in use, the, the magic mirror was moved into the room from the Great Hall, and placed on the wall to the right of the throne.[86]. Sometimes a small table, is placed under the mirror, and a couple of candles were placed there to shed light on the mirror.[87] To the left of the throne is a hook, where Graham can hang his adventurer's hat.

Graham also uses the room to conduct some of Daventry's mundane business. It is used to discuss things, such the food resources in the kingdom, how much grain are in the silos, and similar topics.[88]

Council chambers

The council chambers is a small room where King Graham held council. It was apparently the regular location for the council table. During times of council Graham would stand at the head where he met his staff, and the room was filled with people. Two guards stood by the doors.[89] The council room is a public space and there are plenty of tables for people to work.[90] The small council room was located off the conservatory. It is close to the kitchen and has a lot of windows.[91]

Dining Hall


A hallway on the west side of the Throne Room leads off to the royal dining room, near the main kitchen. Other corridors led to other parts of the castle including the smaller Throne Room.

The Royal Family of Daventry would often have feasts in castle.[92] It was a small room, hardly fitting a royal family, but large enough. An oak table was the main feature of the room. Candle wax stained the worn surface of the table.[93] Four sets of benches were interspersed around the table. A large fireplace was built into one wall (hiding a secret passage and cave leading to the Waterfall near a small farm community). Two paintings hung on the wall in the banquet hall including one of King Graham, and the other of Queen Valanice. The table rested on a rectangular red carpet bordered with golden edging.

The floor was tiled in a light tan colored stone with grey borders[94]Around the room on the walls, brightly colored tapestries of hunting scenes relieved the starkness of the gray stone. Small oil lamps and torches gave off a cheery orange glow.[95] Heraldric banners also hung around the room; a rectangular red banner with golden edging with two lions emblazoned in the middle lay to the left of the painting of Graham. A green banner hung to the right of the painting of Valanice, it sported a thin diamond-like design and edged in gold and split at the bottom. The third banner hung to the right of the grand fireplace, it was emblazoned with a gold cross and edging and also contained a split bottom.

Behind King Graham's painting was hidden a key that unlocked a chamber to a teleportation device in the Castlekeep Ruins, the ruins of a much older castle in Daventry.

Other Halls

There is also a ballroom, one of the most overwhelmingly large rooms in the castle, comparable in size to the great hall of the castle. [96] It is there were dancers do grand ballets for those in attendance to watch.

There was also a conservatory which lay of the council hall[97], and thus near to the kitchen.

Then there is the grand hall of the castle. It has a wonderful fireplace. Woodbins hold the wood needed to burn the fire.[98]

The castle included a lecture hall where her tutors, Master Rokaill and later Farquhar taught her such things as geography, science, mathematics, philosophy and perhaps even the basics of spell casting if she was interested.[99]


The main kitchen was located through a small door off from the dining room. The cooks inside kitchen are always busy with staff running to and fro to prepare the meals for the castle.[100] The castle's larders are stocked with food for the castle's feasts, and the cooks prepare the feasts months ahead of time.[101] Many servants work in the kitchen from the scullery maid[102] to the castle kitchener. The kitchener can provide snacks such as fruit or cheese to those hungry, before the full meals are ready.[103] Even the lowliest kitchen sweepers take pride in their work.[104] Making fires is part of every kitchen servant's duty.[105] Larry is one of the kitchen servants.

They serve many dishes; breakfasts may include flapjacks, slices of Daventry ham, and hot porridge. Other meals may include potatoes, small pears, mutton, roast fowl, spiced roots, and warmed bread dripping with butter.[106][107]Home-made bread and barley soup.[108] Hunks of bread and cheese, and tall mugs of ellenberry wine.[109] Servants may serve rare beef with a side of crisp vegetables.[110] They may serve creamy puffs and honey cakes.[111]The army is fed with sausages, ham and bacon. Hardtack and beans make them fighting men.[112] At dinner time wonderful smells waft through the castle.[113]

There are apparently other smaller kitchens located throughout the castle.

Royal apartments

The side door from the Great Hall opens into a corridor leading to the royal apartments. The corridor floor was polished gray marble and the walls had been paneled in oak stained a light blue.[114] A portrait of the late King Edward hung in the corridor on one side, along with the portraits of many of the other kings and their wives.KQSNW 52 On the other side hung a boar's head. A small strip of red cloth hung from the boar's mouth. The story behind it was a mystery as there was no one around who remembered what the story might be. A passage in the hall leads to the main staircase (a circular staircase) leading from heart of the castle up into the castle's living quarters.[115]

The upper floor of Daventry Castle had a hallway with doors leading to dusty rooms that were locked part of the year. They were too cold and drafty to live in during the winter, even with fireplaces and shutters. The Seneschel would direct the castle staff would air them out for summer living. The shutters were taken down and put into storage.[116] One locked door leads to a circular staircase which leads up to the tallest parapet of the castle.KQKoS 8, 12

The royal chambers

The largest of rooms is the royal private quarters once used by Edward and Maylie and currently shared by Graham and Valanice.

The private quarters are large. The front room, the outer chamber, was were they received certain special visitors. Their sleeping quarters were farther back, made up of at least two or three bedrooms, one for the king and one for the queen when they need their privacy or when sick (and possibly a shared room, or small shared wardrobe between the two rooms). The sleeping quarters contained their beds.[117]

One of the sleeping quarters consists of the Queen's chamber where Maylie died of the Plague.[118] It is unclear how often Valanice currently uses that chamber herself. Then there is the king's room which Graham apparently used before he was married to Valanice. He retired there to reflect gloomily after the celebration to find a queen failed miserably.

The walls of the chamber are made up of large plain grey stone blocks. He had a covered bed with a fine quilt and violet in royal violet colors.[119] It was Graham's practice during the cold winter months to use light the fireplace in the room, and lay in a deep down mattress, covered by down-filled blankets and a warm brick at his feet to keep warm.[120] He kept a small chest by his bed, where he kept a scarf, a pair of mittens, a fur hat, and a tinderbox.[121] There was a table by the window, where Graham kept his tortoiseshell comb. The window looked down to the grounds below, where groundskeepers work.[122] A thick drape covered the only window. A single lamp burns or wavering candle is sometimes placed on a small table by the bed (where he also keeps his crown when he sleeps).[123] Two candles hang on his wall by his carved headboard. A symbol of the crown of Daventry was carved into the headboard.[124] Graham kept his clothes in a small wardrobe and accompanying trunk inside, where most of Graham's woolen things were stored. The clothes inside were neatly folded.[125] The hallway outside their private quarters were lined with windows. Sunlight streamed in through the stained glass windows. The hall continued down into the wing that housed the royal tutors.[126] It is said that the night, after his coronation, King Graham, went into his chambers and cried.[127]

Merlin's Mirror is sometimes brought into the private chamber (presumably the outer chamber) both when King Edward and Maylie lived in the castle (before the Mirror was stolen).[128] Similarly Graham kept the mirror in the king's room at times, and it was one of these times that Graham first saw the face of his future queen, Valanice.[129] The room also was made up of similarly sized grey stone blocks.

Valanice's wardrobe was so large it was not kept in their quarters. In fact, Valanice's summer wardrobe alone took up a set of apartments down the hall that had housed royal nieces and nephews and cousins when the royal family had been larger. The queens winter clothes were moved from the wardrobe into storage areas of the castle when not in use. Valanice changed clothes in the queen's dressing chamber.[130][131]

Alexander's bedchamber was the place Alexander sleeps when he visits the castle. The room was not opulent, but it was comfortable, and suited Alexander well enough. The main important feature was his bed of course, covered with blankets. A faded old tapestry sewn with hunting scenes hung upon one wall; a walnut wardrobe occupied most of the opposing wall. A narrow window allowed light to stream into the room, falling upon the chest at the foot of the bed. To the right side of the windows was his desk, its surface supported a silver pen tray, a bottle of ink, a thick white candle, three-leather bound books, and a rolled parchment map.[132] Just outside his room the hallway lead to four flights of stairs that lead to the top of the keep.

Rosella's chambers in the castle is luxuriously furnished. Here bed covers were warm woolen blankets and cool crisp sheets, and she had fluffy down pillows. Sometimes her bedsheets were sprinkled with rose petals.[133] Rosella kept her clothes and packed items in the closets surrounding the room. All of her stuff were kept in their proper closets. The windows could be closed with shutters. On an early fall day, the windows were usually thrown open to admit clean breezes from the west.[134] The room was lit with lamps, that were blown out before she went to bed. A beside lamp rested nearby.[135] Her clothes were kept in several wardrobes, the largest of which held her finest dresses. The top shelf of her wardrobe held items such as scarfs.[136] Her shoes and boots were kept in a shoe closet. It held things such as her silk slippers.[137] A mirror was in the room for her to view herself in. There was a chair for her to sit on and change.[138] There was a dresser, on top she kept an array of pins and barrettes.[139] There was also a table for her to sit down at and eat on when she chose to eat in her room. Food could be brought to her room on a cart.[140] A doorway in the room lead into her bathing room. The room had a long, low stone tub. Rosella would take baths in stone tub filled with steamy water and white foam scented with jasmine. The bathing room was filled with many cabinets holding the bath supplies such as soap, perfumed oils, towels and bath robes.[141] In her messy room, Rosella knew exactly where everything is.[142] The ceiling of her room was charcoal-stained.

In the hallway outside of Rosella's room down the hallway was a laundry chute.[143] The housekeeping supplies room was a small room just beyond the library and up a small steep flight of steps. It was filled with brooms, mops, buckets, and cakes of soap.[144]

Some of the rooms contained diplomatic quarters were people visiting the kingdom would stay.[145]

There is also a nursery where royal babies are kept.[146]

Staff apartments

This wing of the castle housed the royal tutors and most of the staff. Portraits of various tutors hung on the walls. A portrait of Master Rokaill, Rosella's former tutor, graced the left wall. The portrait had been commissioned on his sixtieth birthday. The artist had captured the tutor's sharp blue eyes, large beak-like nose, and thin pinched lips perfectly.[147] Both Master Rokaill's room and Farquhar were located in the staff apartments. The castle staff wear bright blue uniforms and gray caps that complement the colors of the castle itself.[148] A corridor from the royal apartments passed through the staff wing to Valanice's rose garden.[149]

Master Rokaill maintained a library in his room, holding books containing many scholarly subjects which he taught to Rosella.

Farquhar's room was entered through a plain wooden door. His bed was located across the room from the door. The seneschal Oswold had assigned him the quarters, so that he didn't have to share with Master Rokaill. It had a rough stone floor. He kept things in the room such as a wooden box and his cyclopedia.[150] Farquhar was slightly untidy leaving his dirty clothes strewn about the ground. He kept his samples in glass jars on shelves. Stacks of books, boxes and papers and papers were scattered about the room.[151]

Royal Library

The Royal Library was off one of the hallways near the royal apartments.[152] There are many excellent books in the library.[153] When Alexander returned to Daventry, he placed Manannan's Magic Map into the safe keeping of the Royal Library of Daventry.[154] The library of Daventry Castle holds many fine books, from history of Daventry to best methods for defeating dragons. Rosella reads many of those books.[155] A small room containing housekeeping supplies was located just past the library down the hall, and up a small flight of steps.[156] The royal library is the location of the Chronicles of Daventry where the history of the kingdom are kept.

Graham reads many books about Daventry and other lands. He considers it part of being a good King, to learn everything he can. He spent many enjoyable hours with his children, reading to them of the history of Daventry.

The royal archives are where the Chronicles of Daventry are kept.[157]

Graham has a study, where he has a chessboard, and challenges people to chess matches.[158]

Hidden passages


Secret tunnels worm their ways beneath the castle in a labyrinth of passages not totally mapped. It is said that there are magical windows at the end of some of those passageways that allow one to be teleported immediately to other parts of the world.[159]

A fireplace in the smaller Throne Room dining hall lead into one such secret passage. The cave lead to an aqueduct connected to a river near Connor's Village. Burning torches lined the the bricked walls of the tunnel. The floor of the tunnel was lined with cobbled stones.

The Dungeons

The dungeon and dungeons (there is apparently also more than one) is where prisoners are kept.

The main entrance is a dark little hole.[160] Many of the worst criminals (murder, kidnapping, and robbery) are kept in the deepest and darkest dungeon.[161] Where if they are lucky after a year, they are given one chance come before the court to plead for clemency, if they do not prove themselves reformed they may be tossed back into the dungeon forever, where they might be forgotten over time.

It appears that capital punishment is reserved only for the worst of offenders (this includes burning at the stake) such as those who would attempt regicide (and they only spend a short time in the dungeon guarded by the King's agents), before they are torched at dawn. Both Graham and Rosella seem to be fairly strong on criminals who commit heinous crimes, however Graham apparently chooses to issue banishment or exile for most of these crimes, under threat of worse fate in the deepest dungeons if they return.

This seems to be the case where most of the darker creatures; (trolls, dark elves, dwarves, Sorcerers, evil spirits, dragons, witches, etc were driven out of the kingdom under his rule, only challenged to return when they felt his power had been diminished, and the kingdom could not fight back.

It would seem that the dungeons are connected by the labyrinth of tunnels and secret passages under the castle (where the magical windows are said to be).

Royal Stables

The Royal Stables of Daventry holds the Royal Family's horses.[162] The large courtyard separates the castle proper from the stables and other outbuildings.[163] Large double doors open into the stables.[164] The horses are kept in box stalls. There is a long line of stable doors for each stall. Behind one of the stall doors was Graham's own steed, a buckskin gelding. Valanice's horse was a dapple gray mare. Rosella's horse was a bay mare. Other horses include Blue, a blue roan. The Chief Stabler and his assistant and other stable hands and grooms took care of the horses, bridling them, saddling them and packing saddlebags. The supplies and saddles were kept in the spare tack room.[165] The royal stables also have a hay wagon.[166] During the winter, the inside of the stables are warmer than the outside courtyard. The animals put off a lot of heat.[167]

Many stablers, stable hands, and the Chief Stabler run the stables.


The treasury is where the Magic Chest of Gold is kept, as well as much of Daventry's treasure and wealth.[168] Castle Daventry's Treasurer works there. The king usually keeps the keys to the treasury close to himself on a ring hanging from his belt. The king's key opens the treasury door which protects the treasure in the room beyond. There is also a window near or inside the treasury, likely kept closed, but can be opened.

The treasure room holds more wealth than King Graham could ever possibly need.[169] They have not much need for normal material wealth of the world, as the magic chest never empties always replenishing what its taken from it.[170][171] The treasury is filled with piles of gold.[172] That said, the People of Daventry still pay taxes to their king and his household.[173] The castle seneschal worries about spending too much gold, lest the kingdom go bankrupt. In fact, its the magic Mirror that ensures that Daventry remains prosperous by predicting the future and the markets.[174]

In Edward's days, the treasury was the last place Dahlia was seen before she revealed herself to be a witch, and flew away stealing the magic chest. She had left the king's key in the lock of the open door to treasury. The treasurer stood frozen to the spot, and watched in dismay as she swooped up through the clouds and disappeared.

Other Locations

  • The light gray stone of which the building was constructed, and brightly woven tapestries were hung in the corridors, giving the place a cheery and bright air.[175]
  • The castle latrines are said to emit a horrible smell during the heat of the high summer.[176]
  • A healing chamber was maintained by Master Josiah, one of the royal physicians, to take care of those who were sick.[177] There was a bed for the sick, and chair for a visitor to sit on. An antechamber was located just outside the room and was used a kind of waiting room.[178]
  • The castle apparently has a chapel, where the royal chaplain Fragola holds service.


Castle Daventry was originally located on a hill or small mountain within a valley in the Kingdom of Daventry, surrounded by the hills of daventry around it.

Though the geography around the castle has changed through time, hills have come and gone, so have great rivers, deep chasms have appeared, and deep canyons. Following Edward's loss of the three treasures, the forest of Daventry slowly encroached on the castle grounds to the east of the castle, the tall ancient trees could be seen every where one looks.[179] To the west side of the castle were trees that were tall and old, they were just as tall when King Edward was just a young prince.[180]

The Castle has been located both south of Lake Maylie and the Door into Mountain, but later these landmarks shifted mysteriously south. Perhaps due to the Magical law of "containment", magical flux, or some other process. The castle also saw much damage by the Three-headed Dragon and the Great Tear. Which also saw the draining of the moat. Although the moat was later repaired and the monsters returned.

Sometime before the Floating Castle incident, and before KQ5, castle seemingly slumped down into a low point between hills (perhaps having slid down the hill in the foreground to rest in the valley behind it). Perhaps having shifted further north east of Lake Maylie (explaining the direction Graham had to travel to get to the lake).

At some point after the end of KQ5, and up to the Cataclysm Castle Daventry had been renovated, perhaps moved back up on top of a hill. Perhaps the castle was teleported to the top, or rebuilt back in its original position. It is known several months after KQ5 that castle Daventry had been renovated in part for the damage done by Mordack's magic. The renovation may explain the new and different gate and guardhouse constructed to guard the new road down the mountain as well as other structural changes and additions to the walls of the castle.

Steep cliffs exist around portions of the hill or mountain where the castle is build, and a waterfall flowed from the moats above, creating a lake and river below.

It seems that during the cataclysm that all lands and kingdoms to the west of Daventry also mysteriously vanished. Indeed much of the world surrounding the entire continent disappeared, allowing water and lava to poor off the edges of the world to the Dimension of Death below. The damage caused by the cataclysm blocked many of the castle's passage ways, including the gate that leads into the smaller Throne Room. This mirrors the events of the previous disaster to Daventry when the three-headed dragon rampaged through the lands. At the time, great earthquakes changed the landscape destroying landmarks and creating others, the Great Tear was formed. During that time Serenia had mysteriously shifted somewhere else, leaving the Great Mountains along the northern edge of the continent (only to reappear later). As Derek Karlavaegen says the world is always reinventing itself.

Note the inclusion of a moat in the main-world map as seen in KQ8.

While it still had a moat, as it rested on top of a high hill (or mountain) with steep scarps (or cliffs) on each side, the moat did not surround the entire castle, and flowed under one of the castle's stonework gates. It appears that at the time of the cataclysm Graham was then using the smaller throne room rather than the Great Hall (where the great gallery was located). Because no niche existed in the small throne room (as it was in the Great Hall), the Magic Mirror was placed on the same wall as the royal thrones just above a small table. It should be noted that the Mirror was not always kept in the throne rooms, and sometimes the kings also moved it into their bed chambers.


Besides the castle walls, the gate, and the moat, the castle is defended by a small army consisting of guards and archers known as the Castle Guard.[181] It is currently lead by Roderick.

The kingdom's army also has many knights and soldiers, who can be called to the castle when the need arises.[182] The most rustic of these knights are known as Rangers. At one time, during the decline of the kingdom in Edward's time, the castle was protected by the weakening spells of long-departed sorcerers and backed by the sword-arms of few than 100 worn-out and battered knights, were the kingdom's final defenses[183]. In fact, a hundred knights may represent the main core of Daventry's military forces even under King Graham, with guards, soldiers and archers rounding out the general day to day protection duties of the castle itself. The scouts are sent out to keep an eye on invading forces, to give advance warning if there were any large movement of troops.[184] The moat is filled with flesh-eating beasts such as alligators and moat monsters. In times of distress the king would send out decrees to hire and train new guards, to man the castle walls in case of attack.[185] In general guards wield halberds, pikes and crossbows, while soldiers wield swords and shields. Gate wardens watch above the gates for intruders.

The army is fed by the Castle kitchens with sausages, ham and bacon. Hardtack and beans make them fighting men.[186]

Most knights do not live at the castle and must be summoned by the king, when defense of the kingdom is required.[187][188] Most live far enough away that it takes a few days for them to reach the castle, though some likely do live in the nearby town.

Under the knights are the squires, individuals apprenticed to the knights, and are knights-in-training themselves.

Besides the knights are also the Baronet. Though its unclear if Daventry only has one Baronet, or if there are others. Baronet Hanley has a leading role in setting up the castle defenses, alongside Roderick.

When the castle was on war footing, the walls were strongly defended by men in bright mail and iron helms.[189] Men would be drilling in the court.

If the kingdom is attacked by sea, or its merchants need protection. It apparently has a naval fleet. The Johannes Bey was the flagship and Daventry's fleet's pride for many years, but saw its destruction when it crashed into the Land of the Green Isles.[190]

Castle Staff and Officials

There are many positions in the castle's staff and government positions. At the top is the King and Queen, and other people of nobility. Not all nobility lives in the castle, and may live in mansions, manors, and possibly other castles around the nation (see Castlekeep Ruins and Royal Summer Palace). They maybe called into attendance at the castle for important events or meetings. These include Dukes and Earls, Lords and Ladies, and many of the Knights (though not all knights are of noble stock).

Other important positions related to the castle life in civil duties and security include, Prime Minister (and other ministers), Seneschel, advisers, royal scribes, court chronicler, messengers, the Captain of the Guard, Baronets, agents and other royal aides.

The castle employs a number of gardeners, groundskeepers, stewards, retainers, wrights, maids, servants, manservants, courtiers, attendants, stable personnel, treasurer, tutors, heralds, minstrels, bards, Kitchener, kitchen servants, scullery maids, seamstress, etc.

The Council shares some of the ruling duties of the castle under the King.

Daventry has a castle decorator[191], and artisans.

One of the castle gates as seen in the Castle Daventry loading screen in KQ8(note that no moat is shown).

Castle Daventry has a position of court dentist. One was fired after working on Alexander's teeth.

While not officially a member of Daventry's staff Derek Karlavaegen is a friend of the Royal Family, and on and off Court Chronicler. Though he lives in Llewdor.

Shallan had also been invited to offer his services as a minstrel at the castle, although its not clear if remained, or continued on.


Edward and Maylie consult the mirror within their private chamber.

  • The castle's architectural appearance and layout has varied throughout the series (including the various remakes and ports of the original King's Quest and King's Quest V) and some variances within the novels.
  • The King's Quest Companion speaks of secret passages leading to portals to other parts of the world being hidden under the castle. Similarly, a secret passage under the Castlekeep Ruins also leads to a portal that can be used to reach other parts of the world (once similar portals are discovered elsewhere).
  • Brightly colored frescoes are painted on some of the walls in the castle.[192]
  • The castle was refurbished not long after the events of KQ5.
  • During the spring they cut back on the amount of wood used in the castle's many fireplaces.[193]
  • The royal family spend their evenings regaling each other with tales of heroic deeds.
  • Though it is said that Edward built the current castle in the Chronicles of Daventry. There is evidence that at least portions of the keep and the moat go back before his reign, even to one of Daventry's earliest kings. Valanice's wardrobes are from when the kingdom had a much larger royal family with nieces, nephews, and cousins. Strangely this would seem to imply that current Royal Family was somehow related to the previous royal family (although it is suggested that Graham was born a nobody according to some, even though his father was a noble). This would have had to have been a time before Edward for he had no direct relatives to be heirs (it Graham was related at all it could only be distantly so).[194] In addition one of the halls has portraits of previous kings who apparently lived in the keep.

Behind the scenes

Box artwork (KQ1)

Castle Daventry has been portrayed on box artwork throughout the series. For example the original IBM King's Quest 1 box, and the boxart for the KQ1 remake release. It's interesting to note that many of these box art shows Daventry to be located on a hill or a mountain (much as it would be portrayed in KQ8). There are perhaps references in KQ1 and its remake that Graham is not necessarily in a flat valley, but may be on a mountainous or hilly sloping area in Daventry.

Since the first three games aren't in 3D there is no way to see the sloping of the various screens (although the 'green hills' of Daventry do get mentioned from time to time in manuals, and in the games). It is also this sloping that may explain the flow of the river systems in the game.

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown AGI


At the time of Quest for the Crown the castle was known as King Edward's castle. In the manual, its mentioned that Edward kept the magic mirror in his private chambers.

In hintbooks for KQ1, the castle is referred to as "King Edward's Castle".

In the original King's Quest, Graham can actually walk behind the castle. He can head south from the gardens to reach the castle wall. There is no evidence of a moat on the backside of the castle.

The throne room has a single throne. There is a tapestry in the wall niche. There is a violet tapestry hanging behind the throne.

The main gate to the castle is located to the left side of the castle wall and is arched. There is a garden in the front of the castle between the wall and the moat. The two front doors swing outwards and the halls can be seen behind it.

In this game its not easy to see the slopes or altitude of each screen. Although there are some references indicating that Daventry is a hilly or mountainous country (and that some areas are higher than others). In the one scene where the castle can be seen in the distance, it does appear on top of a higher darker set of 'hills' in the distance (but there is no way to tell how high the hill/slope actually is).

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown SMS

In KQ1 for the SMS, the castle is largely inspired by the version from the AGI games, but there are some variations.

The outside of the castle is made up of two rooms with similar basic appearance to KQ1AGI;

You are standing outside a castle surrounded by an alligator-filled moat.
You are near the door of the castle. The alligators eye you curiously.

The front gate is on the left side of the castle wall as in AGI original. The artwork is somewhat simpler there are no lion statues, no wall banners and no front garden. There is a row of three windows where the wall banners were hanging. The triangular pennants on top of the castle are replaced with rectangular flags instead. The front steps the gate have burgundy rug (with red edging).

The front gate is rectangular rather than arched, with two doors that open 'inwards'. When opened green (either grass or a rug can be seen inside) with black background above it.

The castle is truncated on the title screen with most of the flags missing, and no windows.

The moat appears to circle back behind the castle, dividing between the castle and the carrot garden beyond. You cannot walk behind the castle as in the AGI version.


Inside are two rooms the marble hall, and the throne room. The marble hall is more or less like its AGI counterpart, player enters from the south and exits the left side of the screen. There are four tapestries/banners on the back wall, and 9 columns can be seen. on the screen (around the edges of the room). The walls are a grey with light grey or red speckled 'marbling'.

This long marble hall has a cold, dreary feeling.

In the throne room Graham enters from a passageway to the right (roughly where the tapestry/mirror niche is located in other games). The throne is seen from a different angle than it was in the AGI version.

This huge tapestried room echoes every sound.

The castle hallway and throne room has a green carpet (with little circular designs).

King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown SCI

In KQ1SCI the throne room ("King's Chamber") is specifically stated to be to the 'west' when Graham enters through the keep's gates (this may be a reference to the fact that the room has a 'east-west' layout in original and later games).

The chamber resembles the throne room in KQ4. There are two thrones like in KQ4, the rug is a violet color. The northern benches has carved violet panels and purple seats. The southern bench has golden paneling. There is a set of three violet tapestries behind the throne.

The castle gate is moved to the moved to the middle of the castle wall (similar to the appearance in KQ5 minus the two inner keep towers). There are many windows on the wall, which is about two stories tall. Two flags fly from the top of the walls.

The gate is inset into the wall with a portcullis blocking entrance, it is arched with artistic design surrounding it. Beyond the gate the courtyard can be seen.

This game actually does a fairly descent job to show that Daventry isn't exactly flat, and is a hilly place. Although there is no way to tell the altitudes for each screen, or how the castle relates to some of the other screens in relation to the hills. The only scene where the castle can be seen from a distance, it could be located on a hill, but there is now way to see how much the area slopes towards the river in the foreground, or its height compared to the foreground (or the exact height of areas inbetween).

THe game speaks of ancient trees encroaching on the castle, but that the trees had been there when Edward was a child.. This would seem to suggest that the castle is much older than the trees (even ancient trees). How this relates to Edward's building the castle for his queen is unclear.

Another interesting detail is that the Ancient Well is described as being nearby Castle Daventry. This would suggest the scale being used in the game that the region of Daventry being explored is not a very large country. This supported by the storyline as well, as its described as having shrunk in size as outsiders invaded, and took over.

Romancing the Throne

The manual mentions the kitchens as well as Graham's room. It's also mentioned that Graham was in his room when he saw Valanice in the magic mirror. In the game he sees her in the magic mirror in the throne room.

Both the throne room and castle gates appear as they did in KQ1. The throne room has the addition of the magic mirror in a niche along one wall. Graham apparently kept his adventurer's hat on his throne (near him).

Places visited include the throne room and castle gates.

To Heir is Human

It is also known as the Castle of Daventry in the KQ3 hintbook.

The castle's appearance and architecture is the same as in KQ1, though the geography around the castle is much different. The Door into Mountain appears south of the castle rather than the north. The Ancient Well is a very different place near the Door into Mountain, whereas they were much farther apart. There are various signs of destruction to the land, including burnt trees, collapsed rocks, a chasm. The castle itself is beginning to crumble (in particular the right tower), the moat is dry, and the banners are ripped and pennants missing.

Places visited, the castle gates, the entrance hallway, and the throne room. Throne room resembles that of KQ2, now with two thrones instead of one. Graham's hat is kept on a hook on the wall to the right side of the throne (it was moved to a table to the left of the throne in KQ4).

Although the hills of Daventry are alluded to somewhat, the map makes the region look flatter than it actually should be. What few areas of Daventry that appear look largely flat and surrounded by mountains of great size. But overall scenes reference KQ1 in appearance.

In the scene with Gnome's House, the castle can be seen in the distance on what looks like a darker range of hills/small mountain. But like KQ1 AGI (and even in the remake) there is no way to judge its height in relation to areas around it. It does look taller than the distant 'valley' just before it, but no way to tell its actual height in comparison.

The Perils of Rosella

Places visited throne room and King's bedchambers (the king and queen's quarters according to the Companion).

Interestingly a passageway is shown going from southern edge of the throne room to royal apartments. This is a detail mentioned in novels. Strangely enough, no door can be seen during a pan and rotating scene in KQ6 floppy version (and very briefly in the CD), instead there is a solid wall.

There are additional violet tapestries on the blue paneled walls near the throne. The paneled walls along the north side of the room show more decoration, appearing to have carved aspects to them. The rugs are red like in KQ1-3. the panels around the benches are golden.

The tops of the support pillars along the walls are more detailed, and appear carved, whereas in previous games they were smooth.

There is a small bench next to the throne, where the adventurer's hat is kept (it was kept on a hook to the right of the throne in KQ3).

Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

There are differences with architecture and geography around the castle compared to previous games (though KQ1 SCI architecture is somewhat similar).

The rivers from KQ1 cannot be seen (although a river does exist roughly north/east of the castle, during Graham's flyover though this may be the river south of Serenia). The valley is roughly flat and treeless (except for the line of trees leading down a road to the hill), whereas the area was forested in KQ1 (especially the remake), with indications of hills (in original and remake), small mountains/mesas (in the original KQ1). While there may have been indication of Cstle Daventry on a hill or small green mountain in KQ1 (all versions), there is no indication of this in KQ5, since it lies at the bottom a hill.

The hill over looks the castle, the hill cannot be seen directly in other sources such as KQ1, KQ3, and the novels. This appears to be inconsistent with some of the other geography near the castle, mentioned in sources such as the town of Daventry, though the road splits and one may lead to the town. The rifts from earthquakes (KQ3) cannot be seen. The hill south of the castle is located in the same location where the Raging River passed through in KQ1 (this hill appears in The Floating Castle). The hill may be roughly in the same distant location as the Door into Mountain as in KQ3 (which could suggest that it is the backside of the mountain, although if this is the case Lake Maylie has switched to the opposite side of the mountain where it had been in KQ1). Lake Maylie is seen to the west of the hill in KQ5.

Outer wall is two stories tall with windows on each story (five windows on top and two windows each side of the main gate). The main gate is centered on the castle wall and is arched. Two towers jut up from the courtyard which didn't exist in KQ3 or earlier games (at least one of these towers are mentioned in the novels in the time set before KQ3).

Between the various versions of the manual for the PC and NES versions it mentioned that people of town of Daventry were forced to flee when the three-headed dragon attacked. This may partially explain why the village is missing at the time of KQ5, if it wasn't rebuilt, or rebuilt in the same place. Though KQC, 2nd Edition would at least suggest that it was still south of the castle.

The castle has a drawbridge coming from the front gate of the castle. There is also a large keep sticking up above the outer castle wall, and a second large tower.

Though these can be explained by Derek's claim that the world is always changing (he also specifically mentions that magic was used to repair the land after KQ3). There is also mention that the castle was renovated (perhaps also expanded) after events of KQ3/4 as the kingdom was repaired.

Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Places visited the throne room. The throne room resembles the throne room from KQ1-4. However, the walls appears to be gilded stone. Different versions of the intro video show varying aspects of the room. A set of double doors exists at one end (see floppy version) of the throne room, two sets of benches run along both walls. Their are multiple support columns along the banister surrounding the benches (that do not appear in previous games).

The mirror has a much fancier gilded frame. There are two large floor sconces flanking the mirror.

There is a fancy carved gilded panel behind the throne rather than the large violet tapestry of the previous games, its flanked by two golden pillars. Two purple tapestries flank the panel (similar to KQ4). There is only one throne (the second is missing), its of a different design than previous games.

The red carpet appears to have fine golden embroidery running through it, and violet edging. The entire floor is gilded. Gilded chandeliers with candles hang from the ceiling.

Additionally there is no door along the southern edge of the throne room (i.e. the one in KQ4 that lead to the apartments). It is just a gilded stone wall with similar niche (can be seen in several versions of the intro but best viewed in the floppy).

Princeless Bride

The main sections of the castle do not appear. The castle gardens are shown (as clarified in the Companion). A mountain with plateau leading down into a large gorge with a waterfall pouring down the mountain is shown (though its unclear if Rosella was above Daventry looking into the valley, or in main Daventry proper looking down into another valley). However, most of the valley is shown, and appears to be filled with a deep forest, with no evidence of a castle (suggesting that it is not location where the Castle was located in previous games). This would suggest that the Castle may even be on top of the plateau of the mountain where Rosella was dancing around. Little of the top of the plateau is shown, except for a small road lined with trees leading off to who knows were, possibly the Castle itself or the castle garden.

The garden of the castle gets some more description and explanation in the The King's Quest Companion, 4th Edition and the KQ7 Authorized Guide. There are brief descriptions of the going into the castle and it's torches from the garden, but not much detail. The only evidence in they are in a garden in KQ7, is that Rosella can be seen holding a rose, and Valanice is shown tending the plants.

One clue that may suggest that the tree-lined path leads to the castle garden, is that Rosella is shown carrying red roses both when she is on the cliff, and later when she is in the garden. This would suggest that little time passed between both events. She loses the roses in both the cliff and the garden to gusts of wind.

The 'castle of Daventry' is mentioned only by Rosella when discussing the merchandise in the China Shop.

Mask of Eternity

Map of the small Throne Room and Dining Hall.

The Castle Daventry shown and mentioned throughout King's Quest games (up to King's Quest 7) and books is intended to be the same castle. Additionally according to Mark Seibert, MoE's producer, the Castle Daventry seen in KQ8 was intended to be the same castle from the previous games.

According to Mark Seibert;

"Yes, the castle entered through the passageway behind the waterfall is Castle Daventry. The reason you don't see much of it is that it was damaged in the opening scene. That is why you can only go so far in before you find blocked passageways. We wanted to originally let you explore the entire castle, find the royal family turned to stone, etc, etc, but as you know, things had to be cut and this was one of the many things that was easy to have a story reason why not to do it."-Mark Seibert.

According to Roberta Williams;

Well, ya, King's Quest is on Earth. Daventry is very old city from a long time ago. It's in ruins now and people aren't quite sure exactly where it used to be. There are some archaeologists searching through the ruins, they think they know its Daventry. But its somewhere on Earth." -Roberta Williams, Talkspot Interview, part 1 (1:20:40 to 1:59:58)

The map of the castle is not aligned to the map of Daventry it loads from. Whereas the secret passage is located in the northern edge of the map in the Kingdom of Daventry region, it is sideways in the Castle Daventry map (the waterfall appears on the leftside of the map, and the throne room on the right). This means that left side is south, and the throne room lies to the northside of the map. This places the entrance doors of the throne room facing to the east. The thrones and magic mirror are along the western wall.

However that version of the castle appears to have inconsistencies with previous material, including geography, and architecture. It's location at first seems inconsistent with the fact that the Castle Daventry was located in a meadow within a valley in KQ5, (rather than on top of a hill or mountain as it is in MOE).

However according to KQ1-KQ3, it is perhaps not so clear (as those games does not really show off how much slopping occurs between screens), but box artwork for KQ1, and certain details in the games does appear to show the castle on a hill or small gently-sloping mountain within the valley. So in some ways the portray in KQ8 might actually be more consistent with some of the earliest portrayals in the series.

KQ7 is less, clear, and it is possible that the garden/castle are on top of a mountain or steep hill in that game.

Though the throne room appears different than previous games (due to limitations of the game engine), it actually matches up with official artwork first published in The King's Quest Companion, 3rd Edition. Another interesting tidbit is that throne room in the game shows the mirror on the back wall next to the thrones, whereas in earlier games it was in a niche on the side wall. The artwork in the King's Quest Companion, actually supports the Throne Room seen in Mask of Eternity, which also shows the mirror in a similar location to the right of the throne, and the thrones on a small dais, and tapestry behind.

Also knowing that Castle Daventry has two throne rooms (according to King's Quest: The Floating Castle) can be used to explain away the throne room issues, as it can be assumed that in earlier games you see the Great Hall, and in MOE you see the smaller Throne Room. The geography issue can be explained by using Derek Karlavaegen's explanation that the world is always in flux, and lands appear and disappear at times, and physical changes happen to the land. If that was the case then a mountain rose beneath Castle Daventry, and all lands west of the castle disappeared or shifted west (similar to how land of Serenia had been split in two by Harlin during the time of Wizard and the Princess and KQ3). Additionally its possible that castle Daventry was moved through magical means to its new location (its not the first time Castle Daventry was moved by magic, as KQ5 is an an example).

The King's Quest Companion speaks of secret passages lying under the castle, one such passage is seen in KQ8. This implies that the castle is most likely still in its original location. Additionally its possible that changes to castle's location might have occurred during the period of KQ7 as Rosella appears in the introduction singing on mountain at the top of cliffs with a waterfall. This appears to be near the castle's garden, where she talked to Valanice about marriageKQC #?. This may be similar to the waterfall seen coming from the mountain into the lake in MOE (the one that leads into the castle). However in KQ7 these two locations seem to be distinctively different. An outcrop hangs perilously over the waterfall, which leads to a path which passes under two parallel rows of trees. The way the shots are presented, the viewer is never shown what lies behind Rosella on the plateau other than short path of trees (so that leaves a higher probability that the castle is located there). There are also a few shots of her looking back into the valley down on the dense forests below and the lands beyond, but there is no noticeable signs of civilization.

Also it may be important to point out that the picture of the Castle Daventry as seen in the overworld map of all the zones in KQ8 shows the rest of the castle. More of the castle than the loading screen picture(above) shows. It shows that a moat surrounds most of the castle.

On a related note the official Mask of Eternity strategy guide refers to the locations in the castle as the Throne room (sharing the name of the small Throne Room in the novels) and Dining Hall respectively.

Apparently coincidentally there is also the Castlekeep Ruins, that somewhat resembles the architecture of the Castle Daventry from KQ1 (roughly the version in KQ1SCI or KQ5 with the central gate), but this was apparently intended to represent a castle that predates the Castle Daventry seen in the games.

Interestingly, the throne room seen in KQ8, has more in common with the throne room as seen in KQ1 for the Sega Master System, albeit its more of a mirror image. In that their is an zigzagging hallway coming off to the right side of the throne in KQ1 console game, and the hallway comes off to the left side in KQ8. Both have pillars around the room (although the Sega version has quite a few more pillars).

The Floating Castle

The descriptions of the castle, the throne room and courtyard more or less resemble how they appear in KQ1 remake. There is stone bridge that crosses the moat. A portcullis opens up into the courtyard. Steps lead up to the doors, which open up into what appears to be a short antechamber, before opening up into the throne room. A new addition is mentioned in the throne room, a small window that over looks the courtyard, apparently near the entrance doors (that allows guards to see who is coming up to the throne room). There is only one set of benches along one wall mentioned, rather than two sets (as shown in KQ1-4 & KQ6).

The castle has a 'circular moat', which could imply that its round rather than square in the games (or it could be hyperbole suggesting it is circling the castle).[195]

The keep/parapet (described much like the central keep in KQ5) is visited during the story as it is in each of the novels.

Other interesting locations visited are Graham's bedchambers (described much as it was in KQ4), and Alexander's bedroom (which makes reference to a map parchment, which could be a reference to the magic map of KQ3).

An unnamed river is mentioned, it lies apparently south of the castle, and can be seen from the top of the keep. It is unclear if this is the Raging River, River Fools, or Merelee River. Alexander apparently later crosses it. It only has one bridge crossing it, it is many miles to reach areas that can be forded.

Geographically the castle is located in a valley, there is a rise to the south of the castle. Similar to how the castle appears in King's Quest 5. Alexander stops to look down at the castle from the rise, much like how Graham looks down where the castle should have been in 5 (and 3 if one counts the Door into Mountain), and later when he and his family return home. A bit further south and west is a still green pond in a grove of woods (not unlike the pond/lake Graham passes in the woods in KQ5 said to be Lake Maylie in the KQ6 hintbook).

Kingdom of Sorrow

The Great Hall is described much like its appearance in most of the King's Quest games (1, 2, 3, 4, 6).

The foyer/hallway appears much as it does in KQ1 AGI and 3, with a turn in the hall leading into the Great Hall. The thrones are up against the wall on a dais. It has the courtyard from the KQ1 remake. The main gates more or less correspond with KQ1 original (with elements from the remake).

Interesting locations visited or mentioned include Graham and Valanice's bedchambers, the stables, the rose garden. The dining room.

The top of the parapet/keep (described much like the central keep in KQ5) is visited as it is in each of the novels ( though the parapet/keep is notably absent in KQ3).

The book mentions blue paneled walls, this a reference to the blue walls seen in KQ1-4.

There is a reference to a 'grand hall' with a fireplace. This appears to be different than the throne room (Great Hall) mentioned in the book.

See No Weevil

At the time of See No Weevil, the throne room inexplicably doesn't seem to fit the descriptions and images from the games and other novels. The thrones were moved away from the far backwall of Great Hall (though still within the far end of the hall). The area behind the thrones was used for the council table. In most other sources, the thrones are set against the wall on a dais. The book still suggests that the thrones are located on a dais. The book also discusses a council chambers in a small room. Although it is unclear if the area behind the thrones and the council room are one and the same or not. If they are the same, its possible there is a small passage way near the thrones near the dais that leads to council room.

Near the entrance to the throne room between the throne dais and the double doors, it is mentioned there area bunch of banquet tables. Although in KQ6 floppy version, it is seen that the wall benches, pretty much take up all the room between the dais and the entrance doors.

Another addition mentioned is a balcony that looks over the great hall, and apparently into the foyer hallway as well. With staircases leading up to it.

The book also discusses the front gates mentioning the central drawbridge of KQ5, the portcullis of KQ1 remake, and the the gates that open outwards as in original KQ1, KQ2, and KQ3. It explains that the drawbridge raises before the gates. When the drawbridge is lowered, the front gates can be opened, and the portcullis behind can be raised. The courtyard appears similar to how it was in the KQ1 remake.

The foyer to the Great Hall is similar to the one in KQ1AGI, in that its covered with red carpet, and apparently makes a turn around the corner before entering the hall. It is described this way in Kingdom of Sorrow as well.

The top of the keep/parapet (similar to central keep in KQ5) is visited during the story as it is in each of the novels (though at the of KQ3 the tower is noticeably missing).

Interesting places mentioned or visited include the council hall, the kennels, the stables, Rosella's bedroom, Farquhar's and Rokaill's apartments.

The book makes reference to the moat monsters, which is a reference to the KQ1 remake.

King's Quest: Adventures of Graham

Castle Daventry is reimagined in the reboot universe (both extremely different architecture, but internal elements inspired by classic KQ screens), see Castle Daventry (KQGS) for more information.

Castle Daventry (unofficial)

Castle Daventry appears in the fan games and fiction, see Castle Daventry (unofficial).


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