Cassima is character in the King's Quest: Adventures of Graham series. She is inspired by the original character from King's Quest 5 and King's Quest 6.


Cassima is the mother of Gwendolyn, and wife of Alexander. She is the aunt of Gart.

Cassima lives with Alexander and her daughter back in their home in the Green Isles, where they rule. They come to visit Daventry during the summer, to leave Gwendolyn to stay with her Grandfather.[1]

She has told stories to her daughter before bed: stories of the Royal Family but often exaggerated with happy endings, and other fantastical fairy tale exaggerations. In one such story (popularly known) as told: Graham travelled to Kolyma, climbed that tower, rescued Princess Valanice, fell in love, and lived happily ever after. However the actual story was more complicated, and actually involved two princesses.

Personality and traitsEdit

Besides being an avid storyteller to her daughter, it is said Cassima used to have quite the wild side as well.

She was a princess with dark hair, olive skin, and who wore a green veil. She fit everything Alexander wanted in his own fantasy dream type girl.[2]

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Queen Cassima
  • Mom

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Behind the scenesEdit

She does not appear in the game, only mentiond. Her name is first mentioned in Chapter 4, but she was alluded to in chapter 1[3]. She is referred to as Mom in chapter 3. She was previously only mentioned by name in an article in GameInformer.[4]

Her name is pronounced Cass-Emma by Graham.


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