Cassima is the Queen of the Land of the Green Isles, and the wife of Alexander. She is the beautiful daughter of King Caliphim and Queen Allaria of the Land of the Green Isles. She was kidnapped by the wizard Mordack sometime between KQ IV and KQ V. Alexander later traveled to the Land of the Green Isles during KQ VI in order to find her.


King Caliphim and Queen Allaria had waited many years to have a child. When Cassima was born, she was their pride and joy. As she grew, she was groomed to be the next ruler of the kingdom.

When she was still young, her father employed Vizier Alhazred, who convinced him knowledge and fine-sounding ideas. This allowed Caliphim to spend time with his wife and new daughter. Alhazred had his eye on the young girl.[1] Her father thought he would make a good son and a husband for Cassima. Queen Allaria and Cassima would travel on the ferry around the islands, they went visiting to care for the needy and keep up friendly relations around the islands.[2]

Around the time that the feuding began around the islands, she and the queen were received a bit coldly while visiting one of the islands. Cassima was upset, and wondered who was spreading the lies between the islands. But there were no answers.[3]

Some time later, Alhazred's friend Mordack, saw Cassima he wanted to marry her and bring her to his island. She refused and her father agreed with her. His refusal angered Mordack so much that he stole her there anyways, taking her to his castle on board his pet Roc, and put her to work as a scullery girl. He vowed to never let her go, and that she would remain a scullery girl until she married him. While there she had no friends except the beastly Dink and Sam.

Later she met King Graham, when he had entered the castle to find his family. She was scared of him at first, but warmed up to him after he returned her locket which had ended up in the Roc's nest. After learning his plight, she pointed him to the castle laboratory where she had seen the jar holding his family. She even assisted him by helping him escape the castle's dungeon and leading him back to the basement through the labyrinth.

In the process of saving his family, he rescued her. She and Prince Alexander met for the first time and he fell immediately in love with her; unbeknownst to him, she too felt the same. At Graham's request, the good wizard Crispin teleported her back home to the Land of the Green Isles, but after talking to some of her friends, and mysterious correspondence with Alexander, she later discovered that her parents had died.

Cassima went into seclusion, and was locked in her tower for nearly a year, seeing no one. She was all alone in the tower, and the servants who attended her were mute.[4]

Later, Alexander saw in the magic mirror that Cassima was locked in a tower and that he must rescue her. He made the journey to the Land of the Green Isles. There he discovered that Cassima's was being forced to marry Alhazred, the royal vizier, and that her kingdom is in disarray due to the deaths of the king and queen and the feuding of the islands. Alexander traveled to each of the isles to gain any support he could; along the way, he gained many items to help him get his way to Cassima. Via her pet nightingale, Sing-Sing, Alexander was also able to to send several gifts to Cassima to alert her of his presence: his insignia ring, a love poem, and a rose. Cassima, in turn, sent him her hair ribbon (which had a strand of hair he used for a spell), and a letter from her.

With a spell, Alexander snuck into the Castle of the Crown, and found a secret passage. There, he found a hole in the wall to Cassima's room and they happily reunited. Alexander was able to give her a dagger, just in case she needed it to protect herself. He was able to stop the wedding, where Shamir, Alhazred's genie had assumed her form, and chased Alhazred to the top of one of the towers. There, Cassima was tied up. She was able to cut the ropes with her dagger, and then stabbed Alhazred in the shoulder while he and Alexander were sword-fighting. Alexander and Cassima declared their love for each other, kissing each other at the top of the tower, Alexander asked for her hand in marriage. The following week they prepared for the event a week later. With the djinn at her command, the Princess Cassima repaired many of the wrongs Alhazred had done to her people. She had Shamir repair the ferry, and re-establish communication among the islands. With aid of Shamir, Cassima was able to transport Alexander's family to witness the wedding.[5] The ceremony united the Land of Green Isles and the Kingdom of Daventry in marriage.[6] Following the wedding Cassima's resurrected parents named Alexander and Cassima the King and Queen of the Land of the Green Isles. She is the queen of both the Isle of the Crown and the Land of the Green Isles. She helps rule from the Emerald Throne and the Castle of the Crown and is now bringing order from the chaos left by the evil vizier's regency.[7]

Personality and traitsEdit

As the princess of the Kingdom of the Green Isles, she was kidnapped by Mordack and enslaved in his castle as a scullery maid. This experience is quite similar to what befell Alexander-Gwydion, and probably explains the instant bond that formed between the two when they met. They had love for each other at first sight.[8]

Cassima has long raven-black hair, olive skin, and flashing green eyes.[9]


  • Princess Cassima
  • Queen Cassima
  • Cassima of the Green Isles


  • Cassima knew about Daventry; "I think I know where that is! It's very far from my home, though. Ohhhhhhh!". She probably read the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles or learned of it from her father.
  • There was apparently communication between Alexander and Cassima between the time they met in Mordack's Island and before Alexander seeing her in the magic mirror, but how, or where or when is unknown. Nothing is at it appears, and little is known.[10] During these brief communications she was able to give further explanation as to how she lost her Locket, and she told him about Dink, and more about Mordack's Henchman. However they apparently never physically met during these 'communications' which might suggest, it could have been by letters.
  • Cassima was sequestered for 'six months' out of a 'year of mourning'. Or six months to a year.
  • There was an brief period between Cassima's return and being sequestered in mourning. It was during this time she had a chance to talk to Jollo and others in the castle (and was likely the time she had brief communication with Alexander as well although they only physically met the once). It was shortly before she learned of her parents' deaths[11] This would likely be no longer than a few days, perhaps a few weeks to a month or two at most.
  • Cassima had returned to the Green Isles a few weeks after her parent's death[12].
  • In KQ5, Cassima's eyes are described as being flashing green. However, Cassima's eyes appear to be dark to brown eyes in several of the closeups and portrait. In KQ5 for the NES they are blue. In KQ6 she dark brown eyes in the tower close ups, dark/green coloring to her eyes the dos portraits (similar to the color of her hood), and navy/blue-green eye coloring in the enhanced windows version. The colors used for her eyes in VGA games can be seen by zooming in on the artwork using a external program.
  • Although not entirely specific; Cassima is about fifteen at the time of KQ6 (she was born around the time Alhazred showed up fifteen years before KQ6). Alexander is nineteen (based on sources and assuming KQ7 takes place after KQ6).

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Behind the scenesEdit

In the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Ali Baba's brother is named Cassim.

New seriesEdit

So far Cassima has only been alluded to indirectly in chapter 1. But no specifics.

Other than that she has only been mentioned as being the mother of Gwendolyn in an article in GameInformer.

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Cassima appears in fan fiction, including fan games; see Cassima (unofficial).


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