King Caliphim is the former king of the Land of the Green Isles, husband to Queen Allaria, and father of Cassima.


He had the Castle of the Crown renovated for his wife, but apparently lacked knowledge of its secret passages.

Both Caliphim and Allaria were advancing in years and wished desperately for a child, so they were overjoyed when Cassima was born. However, they lacked for a son and had no suitable candidates for a proper husband for their child.

Both traits proved their downfall, as Vizier Abdul Alhazred used these desires to insinuate himself in the court. Jollo mentions that Caliphim was impressed by Alhazred's charm and "fine sounding ideas." Caliphim mentions himself that his desire for a son or a proper son-in-law was what blinded him to the depths of Alhazred's treachery. Caliphim and Allaria trusted Alhazred implicitly, and were unaware with his involvement with the Black Cloak, and his collaboration with Mordack to be rid of Cassima so he could have the throne. During Cassima's captivity, Alhazred slipped into the King and Queen's bedchamber and stabbed them to death. Their murders unavenged and their daughter unprotected, their spirits were trapped on the surface of the Land of the Dead, unable to move forward. Alexander arrived to the underworld, and found the King and Queen wandering the surface, among the few spirits who hadn't warped from their torment. Allaria still had enough of her senses to speak, but Caliphim was nearly mad with grief.

Alexander was able to challenge Samhain for their souls, allowing the King and Queen to live again. As they made their way back to the Isle of the Crown, they asked Alexander to go ahead and sneak into the castle while they gathered allies for the inevitable confrontation with the wicked Vizier.

After the defeat of Alhazred and the wedding of Alexander to Cassima, Caliphim and Allaria abdicated rulership of the islands to their daughter and son-in-law.

Personality and traitsEdit


  • King Caliphim
  • The King
  • Father

Behind the scenesEdit

Caliphim's name comes from Caliph.

The rescue of Allaria and Caliphim from the Land of the Dead is the optional, long path. In the "short" path, the Queen and King remain dead, but the defeat of Alhazred and rescue of their daughter presumably allow them to rest. In the short path a nail from a painting of the King and Queen is used to get the letter from the Vizier's bedroom.

Caliphim (unofficial)

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