Bryanne Eridiphal is the Scribe and Herald of Daventry. She wrote the "The Royal Family: A Celebration".


She was apparently young, and one of the castle scribes, but also the Herald of Daventry, and perhaps assistant to the old Royal Scribe, who was known for his stuffiness. in contrast she had strong supportive devotion to the Royal Family, had an infatuation with the young Crown Prince, Alexander, and says she felt her heart would be broken when he finally chose his wife.

Through the wee hours of the night, the royal scribe's pen scratches out a chronicle. People can read her words, but are foretold that a mere touch on text of a different hue will transport them to another domain.

Titles Edit

  • Scribe
  • Herald
  • Royal Scribe

Behind the scenes Edit

This character and excerpts from her work was mentioned in the KQ6 official hint book written by Lorelei Shannon. Bryanne Eridiphal is basically an alter-ego of Lorelei Shannon, who may also been the scribe who wrote The Royal Scribe bonus material.

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