Bridles are found in KQ2 and KQ4.


There is a belief, not so common anymore, that a wicked witch can can throw a magic bridle over someone's head and turn the person into a horse. The witch then rides the unhappy person a long distance to some witches' gathering, and rides back in the morning. The victim soon becomes ill and weary from lack of sleep and died. A number of folktales exist that tell how some victims were able to escape this fate.

The Greeks and Romans said that the great winged horse Pegasus could only be tamed if it were wearing a certain magic bridle.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

One Romanian fairy tale known as The Fairy Aurora (which appears in Andrew Lang's Violet Fairy book from Andrew Lang's Fairy Books, which he calls The Fairy of the Dawn), the Hero Petru is tasked with throwing a bridle over the head of several "Welwa" (a monsterous beast depending on the source, which is either similar to the ugly beast that becomes a unicorn seen in KQ8, or a giant worm/snake, of some sort). When he throws the bridle over each of the beasts head, each creature turns into a beautiful horse.

An Irish fairy tale, The Lady Witch speaks of a witch that throws a magic bridle on a man and rides him all night.[2] The King's Quest Companion alludes to this or a similar story as well, see above, and in witches.

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Bridle (unofficial)


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