A bridge troll are trolls that act as a guardian of a troll bridge.


Bridge trolls are a type of troll[1][2] (though it might be better understood as a troll profession).

One bridge troll, a forest troll, was the troll guardian of the gnome's islet located in Daventry. He requested a Troll Toll from whoever wished to visit the island.[3] But Graham tricked him by taking the goat towards him. He and his family have been known to guard bridges throughout Daventry.

It is a well known fact that goats hate trolls intensely[4], so the goat knocked the troll off the bridge into the River Fools. He probably drowned in its raging currents.

Brutus Bonecrusher was a bridge troll living in the Vulcanix Underground[5][6]. He guarded the bridge crossing the Underground River. Rosella knocked him off his bridge using a wagon in the fiery river. But it didn't bother him much, and he just floated away.

Bridge trollsEdit

Behind the scenes Edit

The troll ("TROLL") in KQ1 is referred to as the 'bridge troll' in King's Questions.

It is also possible to give the troll a treasure to pass, but it results in fewer points.

See also, Bridge Troll (KQGS).


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