Bravery is one of the many positive Virtues in the King's Quest universe.

It is also one of the three great virtues which Graham (KQGS) modeled his life on in the Reboot Canon.


Reboot AlignmentsEdit

It is also associated with 'strength/Might'[1] 'deftness', 'boldness' and courage.

Amaya represents the Bravery path throughout the entire series, but Whisper joins the Bravery path later on (ironic considering he was also the 'coward' who ran away from danger in Chapter 1). But by Chapter 3, he shows he is loyal and brave.

Behind the scenes Edit

It is one of the scoring systems in the episodic King's Quest game, along with compassion, and wisdom. It has influences on Graham's life, and his stories from these choices will influence Gwendolyn's own decisions in her own dilemma. In each major choice that occurs during the stories told in the game, Graham will have three solutions to solve it, and each embodies one of the three virtues.

Bravery was one of many virtues classic Graham from the original series was described as in the original games canon. In particular his courage  and bravery was alluded to in KQ1 and KQ2 for example or in the manuals.[2][3][4]


  2. KQ1SCI: You are Sir Graham, the bravest and most honorable knight in the troubled realm of Daventry., ""But you are brave and pure of heart."
  3. KQ1AGI: "Courageously, you manage to push the witch into the oven where she flashes and melts away into a harmless blob. Congratulations!
  4. KQ2: Then go on, my brave fellow, Bravely, he sets off to find the land of Kolyma and the beautiful maiden.",
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