The Brat Catpack are a group bandits living in the land of Llewdor.


In the world of Daventry one has to be wary of the thugs and desperadoes that infect the forest of Llewdor. They, continue to hide in the treehouse, from which they prey on travelers. Because the members of the band are so young, Derek Karlavaegen refers to them as the "Brat Catpack" with "no morals and even less intelligence!".[1]

Unlike the bandits of Llewdor, the Forty Thieves of the Endless Desert have a strict moral code--although one, of a truly black and perverse type. The bandits of Llewdor on the other hand are unsavoury and immoral[2].

In the top of the Hideout tree lives a family of bandits, individuals who are apparently related.[3]


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