The Brass Bottle contained a vengeful Genie of the Bottle.


The use of bottles and lamps to imprison imps, demons, spirits, and genies goes back as far as those creatures have existed. Brass, however, seems to be used more often than most. The bottle that Graham found in the desert temple must have had a high percentage of copper in the alloy since it looked almost like gold. Graham has no need of gold since Daventry possesses a magic chest always filled with the stuff.

Brass is a popular for containing trapped beings because it tarnishes. Often the binding spell gives the imprisoned an out--if the container is rubbed, they might be freed, or partially freed, in some manner. People naturally try to shine brass by rubbing the tarnish, so eternal containment is seldom the fate of the unfortunate inhabitants of brass containers. It is one of the cosmic balances found throughout the universe.

On the other hand, the bottle Graham found evidently did not have such an escape clause in its binding spell. Rather, it had a top that could be opened, and a spell that would imprison whoever freed its genie for 500 years. It proved once again that opening magical containers is risky proposition (see Pandora's Box).[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Known usually as the 'brass bottle'. The name 'Brass Bottle' originates from the KQC. A Nintendo Power issue calls it "Red Bottle" for its color in that version of the game.

If the player clicks on the bottle themselves, the genie will emerge and imprison King Graham.


KQ5: This is but a common brass bottle.


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