The Bountiful Woods are a region within the Realm of Eldritch, it lies right below Etheria[1].


A place of verdant, exotic forests, the Bountiful Woods to the west lies the creepy and dangerous Were-Woods, to the north by Falderal which is across the River of Life and to the east by the desert. The Lady Ceres and her husband Attis take residence within the valleys and fields of the woods, and the ancient and wise Rock Spirit also lives within the woods.

Valanice sets out here to find the river dried up and the cornucopia without fruit. Two water maiden statues, the statues of the Cornucopia Maiden and the River Maiden bring water and life to the woods. Valanice is able to use nectar and ambrosia respectively on the statues to restore the river and the cornucopia. After Valanice heals Ceres using a pomegranate from the cornucopia, Ceres heals the damage done to the woods by her state of being trapped as a dying tree.


Water Maiden StatuesEdit

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Rock SpiritEdit


  1. false Troll King (KQ7): "Won't the Realm of Eldritch be harmed, my lady? The Bountiful Woods are right below Etheria, and the land of Ooga Booga..."
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