Enchanted isles

Enchanted Blue Islands

The Blue Islands are a chain of islands on the world of Daventry.


Farquhar once served on a trading vessel between these islands and Mertili.[1]He learned to sketch when the ship was not in port.

Shipwrecked sailors and wanderers have spoken of the land where the oceans are red and the sand is blue.[2] The Blue Islands may be part of the Enchanted Isles chain, or similar chain in the same sea. The sea known as the Crimson Sea, and the islands there are made up of blue rock and blue sand. The Islands of Despond lie to the east of the Crimson Sea.

King Graham ended up on a blue island when he went through the Magic Door. The island had blue cliffs and a lavender waterfall. The Enchanted Island lay to the east of the blue island, and even its sands were blue. Another island off the northeast coast of the Enchanted Island was also blue.

Behind the scenesEdit

The maps in the King's Quest Companion, 1st Edition, show a series of rocky islands west of the Enchanted Island. These appear to show the extent of the island chain. Granted due to scale, the size of the island, Graham first landed on after passing through the door is unknown.


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