The Black Cat is a resident of Ooga Booga with nine lives and is a friend of Doctor Mort Cadaver.


While journeying through Ooga Booga, Rosella spots the cat outside Doctor Mort Cadaver's house when the Ghoul Kids are taunting him. She later spots them again near their Tree House with the black cat in a small coffin. The kids sadistically hold a funeral for the cat which they claim is their beloved pet, in reality planning to bury the cat alive. Once the kids are gone, Rosella frees the cat using the gravedigger's shovel. In return, the cat gives Rosella one of her lives as thanks for saving one of her nine lives. Having heard Rosella discussing King Otar Fenris III with the cat's friend Doctor Mort Cadaver, the cat informs Rosella that Otar is being held under the Boogeyman's home in the Deadfall. While talking with Mort later, Rosella asks if the cat is his pet. Mort tells her that he and the cat are just very good friends with each other.

When Valanice visits the land, she finds the Black Cat by the Deadfall. The cat warns Valanice that Rosella is in dire trouble in the heart of the volcano which will soon erupt and destroy everything. The Black Cat suggests that Valanice seek help from the Kingdom of Etheria in the clouds as they can stop the enchantment. When Valanice questions how to get to Etheria, the cat tells her that Count Tsepish once could've taken her, but he has lost his head. The cat suggests that if Valanice helps the Count, he will certainly help her before walking off. Valanice later spots one of the Ghoul Kids chasing the cat with a string of Lit Firecrackers near the Tree House. The kid drops one which Valanice retrieves and uses to blow open the door to Count Tsepish's tomb.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The cat plays an indirect but important role in how the game ends. The Extra Life given to Rosella by the cat determines if it will be the good ending or the bad ending depending on if Rosella uses it to revive Edgar or not.

Curiously, the cat is unharmed by the Deadfall, walking amongst the bones making it up without them reacting to her presence at all.


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