Every year on the anniversary of their births, humans and some other races celebrate and keep count of the years.[1]

Known BirthdaysEdit

  • Manannan killed his slaves when they reached their eighteenth birthdays or just before.
  • Graham's birthday is in early spring. It was only a few days after his 19th birthday that Graham was called before Edward to search for the Three Great Treasures of Daventry.[2]
  • The twins Alexander and Rosella's birthday is in early autumn, just a few weeks after the end of summer.[3]
  • William, son of Oswold's birthday is early spring, shortly after the end of winter.[4]
  • Fifi le Yipyap's Birthday party occurred while Valanice and Rosella were in Realm of Eldritch.
  • Woodland faeries do not share the concept of birthdays.
  • Some stories claim that Isle of Wonder was a birthday gift form a sorcerer who made the island to his daughter.
  • Strangely there are two different accounts on when one or both's of the twins birthdays take place: In some sources (A Summary of King's Quest, Prince Alexander's Own Story! Exclusive Interview, and in See No Weevil) the twins birthday is said to be a few weeks away (after summer into early fall); or days away ('scant days'/'three days') after the beginning of KQ3 for Alexander (The Stories So Far, The Royal Family: A Celebration). Note: At least according to the Companion events of KQ3 took place over 2-3 days which the three days maybe a reference to (though in the novel he clearly says the birthday is weeks away).

TOG Reboot UniverseEdit

  • Neese and Vee (the two Valanices) share the same birthday, and their present is portrayed depending on who the character chooses in Chapter 3 of the new series.
  • Alexander and Rosella's Birthday is presumably in Winter (Alexander/Rosella had already turned Eighteen by the time he returned home from Llewdor).

Behind the scenesEdit

KQ3 establishes that Alexander is Seventeen, and his birthday is coming up and he will soon be Eighteen. The game also establishes that the game takes place during the Summer (and a few references may even imply that winter is coming). The KQ3 novel in the Companion mentions it's after winter, as it mentions shedded winter fur in the Three-Bear's house, and KQ4 novel confirms it is summer.

The King's Quest novel trilogy also places Rosella/Alexander's birthday post-Summer, early Autumn.

The interview in the companion states that Alexander's birthday was a few weeks away when he started thinking about escaping.

The sources that would place Alexander/Rosella's birthday as a few/three days (after Alexander's escape) would seem to place the birthday in Summer (though possibly 'May" late-spring/early summer).


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