Bill is the yeti (KQGS) of Serenia.


He is a friend of Olfie and Susan the crystal dragon of Eldritch. They had a picnic together the week before the Knight Tournament. All three are monsters and apparently misunderstood, but friendly.

Graham may have threatened Olfie that he had killed the yeti and crystal dragon, angering Olfie who had recently been with them.

The Hobblepots remember seeing an eldest bear or a barest elder while honeymooning in the Great Mountains (KQGS). Perhaps both were wrong and they actually saw Bill or another yeti.

Rosella and Graham reminisice about an adventure where they helped a yeti on a blind date (this maybe a reference to Bill).

Many years later, Graham would actually get around to throwing a pie at Bill (if Neese's suggestion from years earlier indicates[1]) But it seems they became friends and companions returning to Daventry with him.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

It would seem that in the reimagined universe, Yeti are more sentient that is believed in the original series universe.


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  2. "While other knights returned from their quests trailing bloody victories behind them, Graham returned with friendly dragons and yeti companions."
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