Bees are a type of insect.


It is often assumed that all bees live in hives and make honey. This is not true. The majority of bees are solitary insects who make nests for their broods in holes, wood, shells, brambles, or masonry. The honey bee is the kind usually thought of when bees are considered. They are social creatures comprised of workers and drones and fertile females known as queens. Bees make large hives out of wax they create. This beeswax is a yellowish solid that does not dissolve in water, and it has many uses from polish, to candle-making to sealing holes and cracks.

Bees eat honey, which they make from the nectar of flowers. It's stored in honeycombs, which are also made out of beeswax. People and bears are also fond of honey as a food, hone is very sticky, and because of that property it is sometimes used to catch insects and small vermin. "It's easier to catch flies with honey, than with vinegar," is an old saying.

In Daventry, in the land of Serenia, the bees seem to be somewhat more organized than they are in the Other World. Their queen is named Beetrice.[1]

Spelling Bees live on the Isle of Wonder in the Book Garden.

Entomons are not know for making bees that wouldn't sting.[2]


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