The Bed Caves are the dragon's lair for the Well Dragon and lie under the Forest Well. It is connected to and is an extension of the Goblin Caves.


  • Well Bedroom

Behind the scenes Edit

The King's Quest Reboot shows many examples of mattresses many down in a dark cave the  [[Dragon's Lair]]. They are resting on the ground, or being used in traps which cause a bed to slam down on intruders via chains. Graham is also shown to use one to escape down a river, surfing on the floating mattress.  However, in fairy tales one particularly famous story is the Princess and the Pea, which had a princess who slept on dozens of mattresses, and could still feel a pea placed under the very bottom mattress (this reference is confirmed in Chapter 2).

Unfortunately the dragon plot never made it into the final game.

Graham mentions during the prologue of CHapter 1, that 'all details will be revealed' this is mostly an allusion to the revelation of the stolen beds in the chapter's main story, rather than the series as a whole. As the whole bed issue is really never touched upon after Chapter 2. In Chapter 1 the goblins can be seen stealing all sorts of things around the kingdom including Amaya's bed. This was supposed to be the basic explanation for all the junk seen in the Dragon's cave. Chapter 2 goes further to show that they have moved beyond just stealing stuff from Daventry and surrounding lands to also kidnapping its people.

This also is used to explain that goblins most likely built most of the traps in the Dragon's cave (as they utilize much of the same technology in the main Goblin Kingdom as well). Chapter 4 even confirms that the Goblin Holes to the kingdom lie right over Manannan's room, and that the lair is an extension to the Goblin's kingdom.

The traps were largely successful as by the time Graham returned to the lair years after the death of Achaka, hundreds of 'adventurers/soldiers/knights' had been killed in their attempt to defeat the dragon and had been incorporated into the trap system.

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