Beavers are small mammals found throughout the world of Daventry.


Beavers are animals that cuts down trees with their teeth, and can build dams in lakes. There used to be beavers around the small alpine lake in Daventry at one time.

Throughout the woods of Kolyma stumps of trees can be seen here and there, cut down by beavers.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Beavers are mentioned if one looks at a stump by the small alpine lake. Beavers are mentioned in an obscure description in KQ1AGI if you examine stumps in certain screens.

Beavers are mentioned in KQ2, if you look for "stumps" in various screens in the woods.

Beavers are a bit out of place as they come from North America, or Eurasia, and less from more 'English'/'Danish' style medieval kingdom.


  1. Narrator (KQ2):"Here and there you see the stumps of trees. You wonder if beavers have been here."