The Beast Prince (aka Beast) lived on the Isle of the Beast.


The Beast was a tormented soul, with the face of a wild boar. He missed what he once had, and what he never could hope to get.[1] Beast was enchanted by an old sorceress witch, turned into an immortal beast, and brought from another land to the Isle of the Forest. She created for him a castle, and set up three barriers to prevent others from entering the island. Following his cries, the island became known as the Isle of the Beast. As is the nature of the curse, anyone joins the Beast within his garden will become as hideous as he, and must be forced to serve him forever...unless the victim would bring a bride unafraid to live with him.

Alexander brought Beauty to the Beast by showing her a white rose he got from the garden, and by giving her Beast's ring.

Once the enchantment was broken, the beast explained that he is Prince Cocteau the Thrice Blessed, as he transformed into a human. By helping him, Alexander, helped two hearts from a life of misery.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Beast
  • The Beast
  • Beast Prince

Behind the ScenesEdit

Beast is based on The Beast from the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.

In the game this character is referred to as 'Beast' and as 'beast'. The title Beast Prince comes from the King's Quest Companion. It is also known as 'The Beast'/'Beast' in the KQ6 Hintbook by Lorelei Shannon.


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