Bears are massive, furry, short-limbed mammals that have existed for millions of years.


Some species can get to be over ten feet tall and weigh many hundreds of pounds. They also have sharp teeth and sharp claws. Because of their size and power, bears have been feared, and sometimes worshiped, since before humans began to draw on cave walls. Indeed, many of those ancient caves must have once been home to the creatures, and many lives must have been lost wresting them away from the bears. Bear clans still exist in more primitive parts of the Earth, and it is telling that not one, but two, of the major constellations in the northern sky are named after them—Ursa Major and Ursa Minor—the big bear and the little bear. This can be said of no other creature.

Despite this primal fear and awe, people have trained bears to dance and perform in circuses. Others have captured them in order to chain and torture the beasts. Bear-baiting was a very popular amusement, especially in England, for hundreds of years. It is a well known fact that bears love honey. Some bears make almost their entire diet of the sweet stuff, a fact not lost upon the bees. Bears however are also carnivorous and, with their large, sharp claws, insulating fur, and quick reflexes, easily catch their favorite food—fish.[1]

The Three Bears are a family of bears living in a house in Llewdor (Papa Bear, Momma Bear, and Baby Bear).

A Honey Bear lived in Serenia is tried to steal honey from the Bee Tree.

Pooh Bear is a bear that loves honey.[2]

Were bears live in the Were-Woods.

There is a bearskin on one of the treehouses in the Village of Druids on the Isle of the Mists.

The incredible-talking bear was kidnapped from its home in California and put in the Pawn Shoppe on the Isle of the Crown.


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