The Beanstalk is magical plant that once grew in Daventry.


In the Other World and in Daventry, there is a story of "Jack and the Beanstalk." It tells of Jack and his mother.[1]

The beanstalk was a magical plant grown through the power of magic beans. It gives Sir Graham access to the Land of the Clouds.The beanstalk grew in the wild Flower Patch meadow or in the Clover meadow.

Graham climbed the beanstalk like Jack once did.[2]Graham climbed it to reach the giant in the Land of The Clouds after he planted beans in a meadow filled with flowers. He reclaimed the treasure from the giant for Daventry. He received the seeds from Rumplestiltskin, after correctly answering his name "backwards".

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ1 original, the beans can be planted in the "the bed of wildflowers.", the room where the dwarf attacks with the mesa in the distance, in the room where the magic bowl was found, in the room with the rotten stump and log, the room with the cave and condor. KQ1 novelization in the companion chose the bed of flowers.

In KQ1SCI there are three possible screens to plant the beantsalk, either the flowered meadow, the clover meadow, or the screen with the Ceramic Bowl.

New Series InformationEdit

The beanstalk is briefly mentioned in King's Quest Chapter II: Rubble Without A Cause


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