A White Manta.

Bat Mantas are creatures of the Underground Realm of the Gnomes.


Bat mantas are creatures of the Gnome Realm. They usually hang from the ceiling. If threatened they will drop down from the ceiling, flying towards the threat shooting lethel electrical charges from their tails.

There are two types of bat mantas, black and albino white. While affected by any weapon, in the close quarters of the underground a strong hand weapon proves most effective against them. Connor encountered several bat mantas while traveling through the underground realm.

The albino White Mantas drop three or more health crystals.

Behind the scenes

These are known as Bat Mantas in the KQ8 Hintbook.

The white mantas are called White Mantas in the monsters.ks file for the Gnome levels.

A species of bat mantas or barnicle bats appears in Chapter: Rubble Without a Cause in the new series.

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