A Baronet is a military position in the Kingdom of Daventry.


Hanley is the only specifically known Baronet. But very little is known about his role or position in the kingdom, except that it appears to be linked to the Castle Guard through Roderick. It maybe similar role to the Knights of Daventry. The Baronet appears to be concerned with the preparations of Daventry's defenses.

It is not clear if Hanley is the only baronet or if there are others. But it does seem he may have been the only baronet at the time Telgrin tried to attack the castle.

Behind the scenesEdit

The term baronet is a British hereditary title of honor reserved for commoners, ranking immediately below the barons and above all orders of knighthood except the Garter.

Traditionally Baronets in England is the holder of a hereditary baronetcy awarded by the British Crown. The term baronet was applied to the noblemen who lost the right of individual summons to Parliament, and was used in this sense in a statute of Richard II. Like knights, baronets use the style "Sir" before their Christian name. Unlike knighthoods—which apply to an individual only—a baronetcy is hereditary. A baronetcy is not a peerage, so baronets, like knights, are commoners as opposed to noblemen.

In King's Quest a knight maybe nobleman (or commoners), so its possible that baronet would be as well.

If 'sir' is a term that can be used by both knights and baronets. This would leave certain characters such as Charles Teasdale who isn't specifically referred to as a knight, possibly being a Baronet. But this is unclear. Sir also used as a general honorary title for gentlemen as well, such as Graham in King's Quest 2 and 5, and Alexander in 3 and 6, and Connor in 8. This usage is slightly anachronistic (more modern).

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