The Bandit Leader is the leader (or one of the leaders) of the desert bandits in the Endless Desert of Serenia, the Forty Thieves. He is a magician.


The leaders had once been students of natural order, magic, and philosophy. They soon differed with their teachers, however, over just what constitutes good and evil. Their studies led them down the dark path that equates might with right and gold with good. Eventually, surrounded by others of the same unsavory leanings, they left their university for the gold and blood-filled life of preying on desert caravans and travelers. When they left, they took the contents of the school's treasury with them.

The Bandit Leader travelled with one his men on horseback to the Desert Temple, entering it to leave treasure behind. Graham was forced to hide behind a rock to avoid being killed. Graham watched as the Brigand Leader walked up to the stone door knocked it on the door, and said "Open sesame!".

Later Graham saw him sleeping inside of his tent. Graham cast a spell on the Bandit Leader to keep him from waking up. Otherwise the bandit was a light sleeper, and would have been alerted to Graham moving about the tent, and stealing the Magic Staff.

Personality and traitsEdit

Although there is no specific confirmation, if they are connected, the Desert Leader or leaders share many similarities with that of Abdul Alhazred including similar ethnic cultures, accents, clothing style, and even similar tastes in room decorations. Abdul admits to having once been a thief (a master thief at that) similar to the bandits. Both the bandits and Abdul share magic of enchanting doors with treasure rooms behind them (and general Ancient Arabic Mythology influences, and even genies!). Both even have 'black cloaks'. These may make up some of the men known to visit Mordack in his castle which Cassimma greatly feared, and assumed Graham was a member.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The title 'Bandit Leader' originates from the KQ5 credits.

In the VGA versions of the game he is with another bandit on horseback. In the NES version he travels to the temple alone (called the Arabian Knight in certain Nintendo Power Issues hint sections). The bandit who enters the temple is listed as guard1 in the files (script.214), the other guard is "Guard2' (script.213).

There is at least one other talking bandit, inside the left tent. It's possible that the credits listing is for both. The King's Quest Companion does suggest that there is more than one bandit leader as well.

The drunk bandit is listed as Drunk Guy in the script, and that one that kills Graham is listed as the 'Killing Bandit' ('script.216').

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