Bandits are thugs and desperadoes that prey on travelers. They can be found all over the world including Llewdor and Endless Desert of Serenia.


In the world of Daventry one has to be wary of the thugs and desperadoes that infect the forest of Llewdor. They, continue to hide in the treehouse, from which they prey on travelers. Because the members of the band are so young, Derek refers to them as the "Brat Catpack" with "no morals and even less intelligence!".

The bandits of Serenia's fabled Endless Desert are another matter altogether. They are quite reminiscent of the Forty Thieves encountered by Ali Baba. Those desperadoes also concealed their treasure behind a portal that could only be opened by the sound of a magical phrase. The Serenian bandits' main strengths are utter ruthlessness and extreme intelligence. The leaders of these brigands had once been students of natural order, magic, and philosophy. They soon differed with their teachers, however, over just what constitutes good and evil. Their studies led them down the dark path that equates might with right and gold with good. Eventually, surrounded by others of the same unsavory leanings, they left their university for the gold and blood-filled life of preying on desert caravans and travelers. When they left, they took the contents of the school's treasury with them.[1]

Unlike the bandits of Llewdor, they have a strict moral code--although one, of a truly black and perverse type. From their perspective, their actions are quite moral. They are apparently still at large.[2]

In Daventry and later Kolyma, The Dwarf was a local bandit and desperado.


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