Baby Bear was the youngest member of the Three Bears family. He was the son of Mama Bear and Papa Bear.


Baby Bear enjoyed porridge that was neither too hot, nor too cold, in other word's just right. Both his small chair and his bed were neither too hard, nor too soft. Baby Bear likes going for walks with his parents.

Baby Bear doesn't get a break, both Goldilocks and Alexander stole his porridge. Goldilocks found it just right, and Alexander used it as camouflage in order to feed the Cat Cookie to Manannan. They both found his chair just right (breaking the chairs each time), and his bed just right. Goldilocks was scared out the bed, jumping out of a window to her death. Alexander on the other hand slept too soundly, was discovered by Papa Bear, and tossed out on his butt.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

If Alexander tries the porridge, the game cannot be completed.


  1. Narrator (KQ3):"Oh No! Papa Bear has found you sleeping in Baby Bear's bed! You are in for it now!"