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Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga is an infamous ogress witch who once lived in the land of Spielburg and later Mordavia. The animated skull Bonehead once worked for her. But recently took on a job working for Hagatha. According to one story, she is said to be the sister of the ogress Hagatha, and once co-ruled over Kolyma.[1]

Gwydion may have accidentally met Baba Yaga. If he looked behind the tapestry outside his bedroom, he finds himself transported into Baba Yaga's hut. She tells him he shouldn't be there, she cast a paralysis spell on him, and told that he shouldn't be snooping around. She then wondered if Manannan knew he was there. However she decided it didn't matter, and that she wanted Alexander for dinner, turning him into Goat Head Gumbo.

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Baba Yaga is an infamous witch from Slavic folklore (in some accounts she is a female Ogre). She lives in a dancing hut with giant chicken legs and flies around on a giant pestle and mortar. She is known for kidnapping (and eating) small children and wayfarers unlucky enough to enter her domain.

She appeared as a villain in two of Sierra's Quest for Glory games. In the first, So You Want to be a Hero, she lives in the Germanic valley of Spielburg. When the Baron of the valley tried to force her to leave, she cursed him to lose all he held dear; his son Barnard was turned into a bear, and his daughter Elsa lost her memory and joined a band of brigands. Eventually the hero broke the spell over both and forced Baba Yaga to flee by turning her into a frog.

She reappeared in Shadows of Darkness, back to her old self. Despite their adversarial past, Baba Yaga is willing to offer help to the hero if he helps sate her appetite.

In the King's Quest fan games she appears in an easter egg in King's Quest III (IA) behind the tapestry in Manannan's house. Originally looking behind the tapestry revealed designer notes for King's Quest IV, which Gwydion ignored as he was still busy with King's Quest III. She is also mentioned by Bonehead in King's Quest 2: Romancing the Stones.

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