Avalon is the land in the World of Daventry.


It is the land where Frankie of Avalon hails from. The isle of Avalon is a location near England and was the place where King Arthur was buried .

Frankie of Avalon originated from there.

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This reference from the King's Quest Companion is to both the Isle of Avalon from Arthurian Legend and the musician Frankie Avalon. The name literally meaning "the isle of fruit [or apple] trees".

It is also the name for a mythical Land of Faerie: 15th-century poet and monk John Lydgate wrote that King Arthur was crowned in "the land of the fairy" and taken in his death by four fairy queens, to Avalon, where he lies under a "fairy hill", until he is needed again.

Avalon is a land mentioned in the King's Quest Companion, and later King's Questions trivia game. The land of Avalon (KQGS) in the King's Quest reboot was inspired by this obscure reference.

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