Attis is the Lord of the forest of the Bountiful Woods, and the Lord of the hunt.


He is the husband of Ceres. The Lord of the Hunt. Cursed and turned into a stag by Malicia, but redeemed by Valanice in KQ VII. Soon after he spotted Rosella coming out of the Were-Woods, he stepped out from behind the Mother Oak, his wife, He explained to her that he had met Valanice, and that she was seeking her in Ooga Booga.[1] They had somehow passed each other while traveling through the woods.
When in stag form he is known as Attis the Stag.

He and his wife's powers are tied to the forest, and if she or the forest dies, so will Attis.


  • Lord of the forest
  • Lord of the Hunt
  • Attis the Stag

Behind the scenesEdit

Attis is based on a Greek deity, and certain celtic influences.

In an extended scene found in the King's Quest Companion and Authorized Guide to King's Quest VII, Rosella had an encounter with Attis soon after exiting the Were-Woods. The scene does not appear in the game (although Rosella does pass the tree). The sound files for this scene actually do exist in the game files, but were unused.

In the KQC, Attis race is also mentioned as human. he is described as speaking with a 'human voice', as is his wife (albeit both are powerful and immortal). He also land bound living in the Bountiful Woods, and seems to look up at the Faerie nobles as being more powerful than he is. This would suggest that he is also not a member of the faerie race, although its unclear. It also suggest that he like his wife is probably an immortal human.

Concept artwork for Attis also refers to him as human.

In the game Ceres and Attis appear imply she is beyond humans as they calls Valanice and Rosella children of humans, and 'sweet human'.

In Greek mythology, Attis was the consort to Cybele, goddess of nature. Actaeon was lord of the hunt.


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