Antony the Great is the king of the ants in Serenia.


He rules over Ant Castle, the anthill at the edge of Forest of Serenia. He and his troops helped Graham get a golden needle out of a haystack in thanks for Graham previously saving their anthill from a stray dog.

Behind the scenesEdit

Antony is based on the Ant King from the story the The White Snake from the Andrew Lang's Fairy Books.

Antony is more dynamic on the floppy version as he is given a large close up, and actually has animated arms. In the CD-Rom version he is stripped down to a recolored close-up portrait of his head, and shoulders with a light blue background. An alternate version of that portrait shows him holding the golden needle up to Graham (in which a tiny bit of his hands can be seen).

See Antony's wardrobe.

Antony's theme is used for guards in the King's Quest Reboot, and the song is called the Royal Guards of Antony.


"I'm glad to see there was a way that we could be of help to you. Look here... we found a golden needle in the haystack. I'd like to present it to you. Perhaps you can find a use for it.

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