Ants members of the Formicidae family, are one of the most successful groups of insects in the animal kingdom their colonies can consist of millions of individuals. Ant colonies are sometimes described as super-organisms because they appear to operate as a single entity.


People think little of the lowly ant, cursing its presence at picnics and bemoan its ability to stream into kitchens during rainy weather. Ants are highly organized and social insects who live in various types of nests and hills that they construct themselves. People sometimes compare the high degree of organization in ant colonies to that of rigid totalitarian governments. In Serenia, however benevolent monarchy seems more the rule.[1]

The ant colony in Serenia is ruled by King Antony the Great. They helped Graham get a golden needle out of a haystack in thanks for saving them from a stray dog.

Ants were crawling all over the table in Dracula's Castle.

Giant Fire Ants live in the Barren Region on a mountain near Daventry.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Singing Ants were voiced by Mark Seibert.


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