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Ansil is a Halfling thief in Daventry who robbed Daventry during the events of the unofficial King's Quest ZZT.


He had stolen many things in the several months he had been living in Daventry, but no one could find his hideout. His hidden hideout was inside of a cave behind a bush west of Castle Daventry. Alexander discovered his hideout and while checking it out, when Ansil returned home after a recent foray with new loot. He was carrying a golden candlestick he stolen from the Elven Village's guild hall. Alexander called out for him to stop, but his presence scared the thief. He dropped the golden candlestick before fleeing the cave. While searching Ansil's cave, Alexander discovered a silver key inside of a chest, and a few golden coins scattered around the room. The key unlocked the door to a tower leading into the Uplands of Andropodia.

In King's Quest ZZT2, we learn Ansil stole Mo Fat's candy. He later was captured by Roland the Soldier, and made his personal slave. He was given the option of either stealing for Roland, or rowing the ship to Llewdor. Alexander later found Ansil hiding inside of a box inside of the Relentless Army prison, trying to escape. Alexander told him he could walk past the sleeping guard easily, and then asked him if he wanted to join him on his quest. Ansil agreed, hoping he could find something to steal in Manannan's old house.

Alexander followed Ansil to the caves under Manannan's mountain. Ansil set accidentally set off a trap wire which caused barricade walls to slide out trapping them. Alexander quickly hid inside an alcove before an alerted guard spotted him. The guard retracted the barricade, and quickly captured Ansil carrying him deeper into the caves.

Alexander later discovered that after Ansil had been captured in Manannan's Mountain, he had been sold to some ogres, and made their personal slave. He was taken to the ruins of the Village of the Centaur, and locked inside of a cage inside of the cell block of Ogre base there. He was forced to entertain them. He asked Alexander for help to escape. Alexander convinced the guard, Pete the Ogre to head upstairs, and then opened the gate freeing Ansil. Ansil thanked him, and helped Alexander by opening a locked gate with his lockpicks. Ansil then escaped the base.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ansil is a character that appears in both in King's Quest ZZT series (1997, 2000) and Quest for Glory ZZT (1998), suggesting both games occur in the same world.