The information from this article is from the fan game King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


Angelina was the sinister owner of Angelina's Antiques in the town of Kolyma in Romancing the Stones. She appears in place of Milvia from King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne.


She wanted a nightingale in order to create a Youth Potion before Hagatha. She tricked Graham into stealing Hagatha's caged Nightingale so that she could use it for her own needs.

She had also been asked to join the Black Cloak Society by Hagatha, but later was denied membership after she found out Angelina had stolen her nightingale. She was presumably killed by Hagatha while Graham hid in the basement of the Antique Shop.

Behind the scenesEdit

She was altered from the kindly old lady, Milvia in the Antique Shop in the original KQ2.

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