Ancient Ones may be related to the Crystal Mystics, who once inhabited the Underground Realm of the Gnomes, of which Prophet Hector, and the Old Man were once members. It is said that millennia ago there was a large civilization that lived in the underground world, but no one had ever found proof of this until Connor explored the region. Their civilization harnessed the power of crystals and magnetic lodestones. They lighted their passages with the power of crystal shards. They could record images within crystal pyramids powered by lodestones. The pyramids also acted keys for Using this technology some were able to foresee the future, and even their own demise. Their spirits lived on within the Chamber of Enlightenment their spirit-world of ancient souls.

They are also likely connected to the ancient race that once inhabited the area that became the Endless Desert of Serenia. Their use of technology lead to the destruction of their cities creating the desert. The ruins of one of ancient civilization's temples still stands on the northern edge of the continent.

Another culture of ancients may also be the Aegyptian race behind the lost city of Tanalore. The eternal city of that touches all of the realities of creation. As well as the Crypt in Tamir.

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